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  1. Carbon shaft Stabilizer Build

    DIY Equipment
    Hey guys and gals! Here is a link to a video I put together of a recent stabilizer build for my hunting bow. I have made a few of this same style on my lathe at home. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks, Chad
  2. Making a crossbow help

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Ok so I am making the plans to make a PVC crossbow. I plan on using 3/4in PVC tubing and putting fiberglass driveway markers inside of it. What do you recommend be the min bow length. also do you think that PVC and fiberglass will hold up. any other suggestions are greatly welcomed. Thank...
  3. How to make a Reshuffle-able Foam 2'X3' Archery Target

    DIY Equipment
    Here is an instructable I made about how to make a foam archery target which can be reshuffled once the center gets shot out. It's cheaper and lasts much longer than any store-bought target I know of.
  4. Not happy with my range (1st post)

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey all, Just joined the page here. Have always hunted but got addicted to archery a few years back. Looking for some advice. I just finished building this range. I have tightly banded straw bails at 20 30 40 and 50. To aid in stopping I have 24 x 30 trailer mud flaps. Intially I had one in...
  5. Quick Cheap Easy Bipod

    DIY Equipment
    So after reading a few posts on this subject I decided to make a bipod for my bow. Have a few ideas for making a better looking more functional one but decided to throw this together until I'm finished with it. This is based on what others have done. Its quick, cheap, and easy. Just find a 90...
  6. Easy $5 Homemade Camera Mounts

    DIY Equipment
    This quick and easy camera mount is an affordable alternative to the commercially available system that everyone loves. The basic tilting mechanism can also be adapted to mount on standard steel t-posts that you see in barbed wire fence lines, or could be used as a tree mount by changing one of...
  7. Building my first raised platform...suggestions welcome!

    Treestands & Ground Blinds
    So awhile back I picked up a large wooden cable spool, thinking I'd finish it and use it as a table. Well life got crazy, that never happened, so I'm thinking of using it as an elevated hunting platform. Was thinking 8' 2x4s, using 3 as a tripod, and then another set of legs with the ladder. My...
  8. Aluminum Tree Stand

    DIY Equipment
    Hi everyone Here is my thread about my aluminum tree stand. And yes it is based off a Lone Wolf Alpha's dimensions. As of right now it is still in build mode, and I will update this as I go along. Here is the platform and seat: On the money side I have $135 invested. $75 on material, $40...
  9. Homemade luminocks??

    DIY Equipment
    Ive been messing with my nocks and bobber lights trying to figure out the best working luminock. I've been having a lot of complications. If you have any good ideas, tips, or stories about homemade luminocks, post away! And pictures please!!
  10. Best store bought mineral?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Have done homemade worked ok looking for something pre made that benefits deer
  11. Best materials for homemade archery target???

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi, Im trying to build my own archery target. I know there´s alot of talk about the materials that can be used to go inside as the stuffing... Cardboard, old clothing, old sheets, foam... I even came across "plastic" one time. The thing is, I´ve also read that there are some things that, with...
  12. Help with target

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey, I was wondering what the best materials for a homemade archery target would be? Is drywall okay to use? My bow is a Martin compound bow set at 70lbs. I also use carbon arrows if it makes any difference.
  13. Homemade target

    General Archery Discussion
    So we insulated the roof of the house today, my face is still dry and tight, anyways, all of the roles of the insulation had a thin strip of brown paper, and all the roles were wrapped in plastic, well from all about 20 we put up there I got the paper and plastic and stuffed into a cardboard box...
  14. Homemade Take-Down Bow case

    Traditional Archery
    After about 4 days of working about 4 hours a day after school, shes finally done. I made the case out of Oak 2"x1" boards and Birch Plywood. I stained the whole box a dark chestnut and then sealed it with an outdoor lacquer. To finish it off I put 1" foam covered in green fleece in the bottom...
  15. Homemade Bow Press

    DIY Equipment
    Hi all, I've been looking at all the awesome DIYs on here and decided to give it a go. My friend has a CNC Plasma Cutter and I had him build me a press based on WWAG's Bowmender. He cut it out, polished it up and powdercoated it a light blue. Anyways onto the pics...
  16. Arrow Lube Question

    General Archery Discussion
    When using the homemade stuff with tire wet and a cut up sponge in a medicine bottle or pvc pipe, would Armor All tire shine like this work? what about this...
  17. Stabilizer Extension... Almost free

    DIY Equipment
    I was hoping for a little more steadiness at longer ranges so I've been looking for a stabilizer extension. I didn't want to buy a new stab because the Fuse Axium that is on the bow (purchased with the bow in December) was about 60 bucks. I didn't wanna add weight, just extend the weight out...
  18. Hunting with only homemade equipment...

    Traditional Archery
    Has anyone used only homemade equipment for hunting and if so what did you use? When I first got into this I thought it would be cool to hunt only with what I think of as traditional equipment, which would be everything authentic, all-natural I guess you could say. But, I've started to realize...
  19. Hang on stand queston

    DIY Equipment
    Where would one might find some high strength cables for platform supports on homemade hang on stands? I'm in the process of constructing plans for some stands for some Ohio bowhunting next year:D. I am open to any suggestions involving these stands about safety, portability and theft...
  20. homemade bow & crossbow stand 2in1

    DIY Equipment
    ok im new to everything in bowhunting so "hey everybody" I was gettin tired of putting my bows on the floor in my room so I did some research for some ideas and I liked this one and modified it a little bit for my crossbow. tell me what you think please