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  1. Horse bow strings

    Traditional Archery
    Does anyone know why horsebow strings have large loops at the end? It is very hard to find good replacement strings so I just wanted to buy a normal recurve string from someone like proline or ABB and get it in the right length. But if the big loops are very important then that wouldn't be a...
  2. Left Mongolian Horsebow in the sun while strung :>what to do?

    Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    Hi guys! I did something very stupid with my mongolian horse bow recently. After shooting i put it on the table while still strung and forgot about it. After a couple of hours I came back to it and it was very hot. When I looked at it i noticed that one of the limbs was slightly twisted and...
  3. Rustic Archer Mongol Recurve - 55# 56AMO

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    For sale I have a Mongol by Wade Morris at Rustic Archer. Bow is a little heavy for me so I am looking to downsize. As title says it is 55# at 58" AMO. Really pretty bow as you can tell from the pictures, I am very upset that it doesn't work for my draw, my loss is your gain. With the...
  4. Yew English Longbow OR Eastern Recurve (Kassai/Grozer)

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Looking for: Yew English Longbow (55#-80#) OR Eastern Recurve "Horsebows" (55#-65#) i.e. Turkish, Hungarian, Hun, etc.... Makers Grozer or Kassai
  5. Aiming to the far right gets my arrows on target

    How to Shoot
    Hello! I really hope someone might understand or recognize my problem. Half a year ago i bought a traditional korean horsebow and a fitting pair of arrows, while i am still searching for a proper way to aim and things like that there is something happening a lot of trainers do not understand...
  6. Attila's archery U-finish 'Magyar' bow

    Traditional Archery
    I got this bow from Attila's archery. 50# at 30". Also got a large manchu thumb ring from seven stars trading, I don't know if it really fits me that well at all. I had to sand it on the inside quite a bit and ended up peeling some of the skin off my thumb while trying it out. I managed to...
  7. Stumpin' with my Buddy Today

    Traditional Archery
    He's a dead shot...
  8. new bow to finish

    Traditional Archery
    I am about to get a new unfinished bow. It is a hungarian horse bow of fibreglass and maple laminate (U-Finish Horse bow from Attila Keresztes). I found some finishing suggestions (the bowyer himself suggests an indoor/outdoor clear coat) but now I am not sure what exactly to use, preferably...
  9. 2 RH Bows & arrows - 50# Recurve / 35# Horsebow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    It's time to pay the property tax, so regrettably, I need to sell 2 of my 3 bows. All reasonable offers considered. Please PM me if interested. Both bows have a flemish twist Dacron string made by stilldub Bow 1: 50# @ 28" Shakespeare Yukon X-24 60" Will include (3) 31" POC fletched arrows w/...
  10. 2014 Kaya "Khan" Asian Horsebow RH 40# *BRAND NEW*

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Sweet new design for 2011 they remain unchanged for 2014. The Kaya "Khan" is made very similar to the Kaya KTB bows which mean the limbs are actually designed and built to have a smooth draw all the way out to 32". It is a true working recurve bow limb. Any other horse bow you can find will...
  11. 50" Mongolian Horsebow 35# for women or youth

    Women's and Youth Bows
    This little horse bow is perfectly sized for the smaller framed shooter, like women, youth, and those that just can not handle heavy powerful bows.The very low brace height will help the short draw shooters get as much from it as it has to give. Surprisingly the little 50″ horse bow will also...
  12. 35# Horsebow Free shipping

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    50inch bow length, 35Lbs draw weight, $125usd including shippment
  13. Laminated Horsebow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Just finished this Laminated Horsebow. Black glass belly and back, tempered bamboo limb lams, quilted maple riser, syahs are quilted maple with a purpleheart core, rest is cut on left for thumb ring or lefthanded shooters, about 56 " tip to tip strung, 55 + or - @ 28" draw. She is FAST! Two...
  14. Want to buy a horsebow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I Want to buy a horsebow with a draw weight of at least 70lb, 28 inches of draw. I would like Kassai or a Grozer Bow but do not know any places that sell theses types of "horsebows". I live in New York. Thanks so much for your help guys
  15. Have anybody of you bought a bow from any of these pages? see links..

    Traditional Archery
    Links: Looking for a new bow anybody used these before? Thinking of the Hungarian of the Middle Ages (Grozer) Rgds E. :)