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hoyt ultratec ultra tec

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  1. Left Handed Target Bows
    For sale is a Hoyt Ultratec with xt3000 limbs. Has Spiral X cams.5 at size 3.5, giving the bow a 28.5" draw length. Poundage is 50-60 currently set at 52. New strings and cables, shoots well and in great condition. Feel free to PM with any questions. 375 TYD, Paypal preferred.
  2. Hunting Bows
    $499 to your door (shipping and ins included) -- with everything included!!!! Well... time to sell my baby :cry:. This is a buck killer... period..... and I took care of her better than my kids (please don't tell wife that :smile: ) 2004 Hoyt UltraTec, 28-30.5 draw (set to 30 now)...
  3. Hunting Bows
    Hey guys, i'm in the process of cleaning up. I got an '05 Ultra Tec here, the first 350 takes it. for an extra $50 i'll throw in the HHA adjustable sight. comes with arrows set for 55 lbs and 72 lbs. Both are for a 27.5 draw length. Bow is adjustable from 26.5 -29 inches, and is a 60-70 lbs...
1-3 of 3 Results