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  1. For Sale or Trade 2011 Hoyt Contender Elite

    Target Bows
    Up for sale is my 2011 Hoyt Contender Elite. It is a target black finish with XT 2000 limbs 50-60lbs and maxes out at 61lbs. It has #3 GTX cams and is set up at 26.5-inch draw length. These cams go from 26-27.5 but can easily get to almost 28 inches. This bow has been brought to the range twice...

    Left Handed Target Bows
    Beautiful white Hoyt Hyperedge, with white accessory kit for sale from original owner! LH, includes 50# and 60# Limbs (50# installed now), #2 Cam DFX2.1 = Draw Length 27.5" - 29.5" Modular Grip system $600 TYD
  3. For Sale Hoyt RX1 Turbo 28” 70lbs

    Hunting Bows
    Very nice bow shoots great Custom Bcy 452 stringand cables with pro grade serving Trophy ridge React 5 pin sight Peep and d-loop included Orange dampeners and wrist sling Hoyt 2 piece 6 arrow quiver I am keeping the arrows and stabilizer as they fit my whitetail setup 750 TYD
  4. For Sale XPEDITION MX-16

    Hunting Bows
    brand new MX 16 70 pounds Camo 900 offer No trades
  5. Sold Sold

    Hunting Bows
    I have a very good condition Mathews Chill X, currently has 26 mods, 60lb limbs, and custom made grip. Strings are good and I can supply as many pics as you would like. Asking 450 OBO bare bow shipped tyd. I can do PayPal plus fees. Only letting it go because I want to try a short ATA bow...
  6. Changing Bow Color

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I just picked up a bow off of a buddy (Hoyt Maxxis 35) and it's white. I was wondering how you would go about painting, dipping, coating, or whatever. I am planning to hunt turkey and whitetail with this so I want to make it a solid green or camo. Just wondering what you guys would do.
  7. For Sale 2018 Hoyt Hyperforce

    Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Hyperforce in subalpine camo Hamskea raptor peep Bee stinger 10/6 with QD’s Easton FMJ 5mm 340 spine (12) Broadheads 3 nokturnal green nocks Plano hard case Make me an offer
  8. Want to Buy Hoyt limb rockers

    Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    One of my top limb rockers just blew in my face Friday night before the opening of my hunting season. I am desperalety looking for that part. To be fitted on my Hoyt Ultratec XT2000 Cam&1/2, 70lbs limbs. Looking for at least one to save my hunt, or all 4 of them is better. Thanks,
  9. Sold Hoyt Carbon Defiant - $1000 - Loaded w tons of extras!!!

    Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Carbon Defiant 60-70# limbs, 28-30" draw. This is a complete package including: Axcel 5 pin sight w light Hoyt QAD drop away rest Scott Archery Longhorn Hex release SKB hard travel case SKB soft case 13 - Full Metal Jacket 5mm arrows (cut for 30" draw, so they can be fit to your draw as...
  10. Sold Hoyt Prevail 37

    Target Bows
    For sale 2019 Hoyt Prevail 37. 60-70# 30" draw length. Fantastic shooting bow just didn't use it as much as I thought I would. The bow and strings are in great shape. Selling bare bow only. No trades. $550 tyd
  11. For Sale Hoyt Prevail

    Target Bows
    For sale 2019 Hoyt Prevail. 60-70# 30" draw length. Fantastic shooting bow just didn't use it as much as I thought I would. The bow and strings are in great shape. Selling bare bow only. No trades. $550 tyd
  12. Sold Hoyt Pro Defient 70# 28-30

    Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Pro Defient 30 with 60-70# limbs 28-30" draw length. Less then 100 arrrows shot thru it. Has HHA Optimzer lite sight, qad ultra hoyt rest, bstinger micro hex stab, fuse 4 arrow quiver. Have a set of 6 FMJ 400 Arrows. Really Looking to trade for a target bow open to offers, would sell...
  13. Hoyt Carbon Defiant Blazer Vanes Hitting Bus Cable

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to archery talk. Been shooting a Hoyt Carbon Defiant for a year now, and have been struggling with it to get it to shoot a perfect bullet hole through paper. Finally discovered my issue over the weekend, the blazer vanes are hitting the bus cable. I have no lean on my cams...
  14. Smoothest recent Hoyt

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello everyone. Looking into buying a newer Hoyt (2016 onwards). Being a bit isolated I am not able to shoot a lot of bows. What is the smoothest cam Hoyt has brought out since 2016? I am 28.5" draw length and looking for a 33" a-a bow or longer. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ian
  15. For Sale Left Hand - Hoyt Epik - Red. like new

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    LEFT HANDED... Got a little hoyt fever and tried this out but just going to stick with my 27" risers with the 31+ draw although this bow was fine with it. Just tried several risers out and now thinning the herd. This riser is like new. Color is a nice Red... not red red but a deep red. My...
  16. EUC 2018 Hoyt Prevail 37 x3 27-29

    EUC 2018 Hoyt Prevail 37 x3 27-29

    EUC MINT 2018 Hoyt Prevail 37 X3 Target Compound Bow in black (Right Handed). Lots of extras included!!! Paid over $2300 for everything in this listing 1 year ago. This is a great buy and addition to anyone’s archery collection! Bought in 2019 from Heritage Guild in NJ, but our teenage son...
  17. Sold Like new Axcel Armortech HD 5 pin

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have an excellent condition right hand Axcel Armortech HD 5 pin...pins are .10. $125 TYD
  18. Sold Like New QAD Ultra rest HDX

    Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    I have a like new black QAD Ultra rest HDX. I got it new last year because my old one had a warranty issue so QAD resolved it by letting me swap for a new one. I haven’t shot this one much at all. Quick sale for $75 TYD
  19. Sold Hoyt Prevail SVX-40 #3 Cams #60 limbs Electric teal

    Target Bows
    Hoyt Prevail SVX 40, #3 Cams #60 limbs. Awesome Hoyt Prevail in Electric Teal. Comes with all three mods, grips, manual and hat. Draw lengths 29, 29,5 30". Strings are in excellent condition. $755 TYD Paypal.
  20. Hoyt Double XL vs Bowtech Reckoning 38

    General Archery Discussion