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  1. Hunting Log

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    Hello - Let me start off by saying I am an engineer, and my mind works a little differently than others here on this site. I know there are other threads pertaining to hunting logs on AT, but I am not finding the information that I am looking for. I have for a couple of years now been...
  2. Free Online Hunting Journal

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    If you haven't started your Free Online Hunting Journal yet at, come on over. Only PHJ gives you: - Your Own Hunting Journal - helping you keep records of your hunts, the weather, moonphase, harvest totals and more. - Custom, savable hunting maps - where you can mark...
  3. is Digital Hunting Gear for Serious BowHunters

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    Come on over and check out ! Sign up for a 100% FREE membership and in minutes you will be able to: - Create and save custom online hunting maps with icons for all types of deer sign, bedding areas, water sources, food sources and more. - Create and save your own online...