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  1. LH Hoyt Hyper Edge

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    Left Hand Hoyt Hyper Edge – Harvest Brown 2.1 DFX cams 60# 65% and 75% let off mods All 4 grip angle inserts $800
  2. 2016 Hoyt HyperEdge, 50-60lbs, #1 Cam 25.5-27.5in, Right Hand

    Target Bows
    2016 Hoyt HyperEdge Harvest Brown with Orange Accents (Factory Black Accents Included) Ultraflex 50 to 60# Limbs (Currently Set to 60lbs) DFX Cam #1, 25.5in to 27.5in (Currently Set to ?D?, 27_3/8in) 65% Mods (Factory 75% modules included) Aluminum Cable Stops (Factory Rubber Cable Stops...
  3. 2016 Hoyt Hyper Edge - Purple

    Target Bows
    2016 Hoyt Hyper Edge # 2 DFX Cams 27.7"-29.5" Draw 50-60 lbs limbs with both 75% and 65% letoff mods 60x Strings and Cables (new shape) Small Mark from rest All grip handles, original packaging $900 USD, TYD hylrt
  4. Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL Black, Jet Black Hyperedge, and Black Pro Comp Elite FX

    Target Bows
    Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL in Black Matte Finish, 60# max, spiral x cams, RH, 28" 5.0 Spiral Xs, two sets of Viscosity Strings, one set orange and black and one set pink and black - $600 tyd or best offer Hoyt Pro Comp FX in Matte Black, 70#max, spiral pro cams, 29", modules are SB 4-B, Viscosity...
  5. 09 Mathews Hyper Lite 28" 60# RH camo

    Hunting Bows
    Just like the title says it is a Mathews Hyper Lite in excellent condition. RH, camo, 28 inch draw 50-60# draw weight. No accs. are included this is a bare bow price of $525 shipped in the lower 48. The only trade, and I do mean ONLY trade would be for a 60-70#, camo, 09, Elite Z-28 in like new...