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  1. Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Hyperforce in subalpine camo Hamskea raptor peep Bee stinger 10/6 with QD’s Easton FMJ 5mm 340 spine (12) Broadheads 3 nokturnal green nocks Plano hard case Make me an offer
  2. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I took these off my hyperforce because I quickly realized my draw length didn't fit the #2 cam. I bought the bow new and these have under 500 shots through them. There is a small scuff and blemish on one cam, which I detailed in one picture. It did not affect the he string or serving in any...
  3. WTB/WTT Left Hand Accessories and Parts
    I just had surgery for a ruptured bicep tendon and am going to need a lower poundage bow for the fall in hopes that I can still have a season. I'm looking for 50lbs limbs for my LH Hoyt Hyperforce. I assume limbs are ambi-dextrous (same for LH/RH)? Anyone have anything? Thanks, G.
  4. Hunting Bows
    For Sale 2018 Hoyt Hyperforce with Hoyt QAD rest. I love this bow...absolute tack driver. Getting a RX3 so it needs to go. Bareshaft tuned to 20 yrds. #3 Cam gives DL range of 27-30". Has a 1yr old set of JBK custom strings (green/yellow with silver pinstripe) and includes original set. $675...
  5. Hunting Bows
    $850.00 for the package - 50lb right hand, 4 arrow quiver, QAD rest, hoyt carbon sight, stabilizer, stage 1 strings (factory strings will be included), #2 cam (24.5"-28"). - $650 bare bow.
  6. Women's and Youth Bows
    $850.00 for the package - 50lb right hand, 4 arrow quiver, QAD rest, hoyt carbon sight, stabilizer, stage 1 strings (factory strings will be included), #2 cam (24.5"-28"). - $650 bare bow.
  7. Hunting Bows
    Up for sale in a Hoyt Hyperforce 3 cam(27-30) 60-70lb in sub alpine. The bow has been hunted with but well taken care of and shot very little. Looking to get 650 TYD OBO. Pictures to come....
  8. General Archery Discussion
    Hmmmm is my hyperforce a collectors item now since Hoyt only had it for a single year? Was it even in production for a full year? **** I know it's not, just makes me wonder how many were really sold**** Why not just tweak the hyperforce and sell it at the nitrux Price point. I'm even more...
  9. Hunting Bows
    New With Tags! Right hand 2018 Hoyt Hyperforce hyper ZT Mint!!! Tags still attached, Brand New never set up Won at a gun show, have a new Hoyt and don’t need two 70lbs 29” draw length Buckskin black limbs Comes with Hoyt case , two hats and Shirt Asking 850 shipped Tyd. FedEx with...
  10. General Archery Discussion
    I am currently setting up my hoyt hyper force and have run into a tail high tear that i can't see to get rid of. the bow is a 70lb bow maxing at 71lbs, 27.5in draw, 340 spine easton axis with a hamskea hybrid hunter rest. I have the arrow running through dead level with cams timed even. i have...
  11. Hunting Bows
    Kuiu Verde 2.0 #3 cam. 65lb limbs. Bare bow + extra set of flow orange fuse strings. $825 shipped. Planned to use as backup bow this season but don't have time to setup. Text for extra pics 3O4-23l-6535
  12. General Archery Discussion
    Hi All. I am looking for an opinion today. I currently drive a Hoyt Turbohawk (60#, #2 cam @ 27") with the XTR Cam. I use it for everything, hunting, 3d and indoor. Awesome hunting bow, and on a good day I can even average a 290/300 indoor shooting with a hinge. No reason to change other...
  13. Hunting Bows
    Outstanding condition Halon 32 Stone finish Aftermarket strings and cables $775 tyd Looking for carbon defiant, hyperforce, possibly 15 carbon Spyder turbo for trade. Any questions let me know.
  14. Hunting Bows
    Mint condition Camo Bowtech QAD rest Would trade for Halon 32, Hyperforce, PSE carbon air and maybe carbon defiant Any other bows please just ask Thanks
  15. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am new here, and been geeking out on archery the past month and half or so... I bought a new Hoyt Hyperforce in March with #3 cam, 29.5" DL, 70# DW(limbs are maxed haven't tested draw weight yet...) got this badboy in center shot, shooting bullets with consistent 290 fps w/ 442...
  16. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    So today got a chance to chrono my Hyperforce and with it setup at 27.5” DL at 65lbs DW I am shooting at 279FPS with a 396 grain arrow and just about 35 grains on the string. So speed is spot on with what it should be. Overall love this bow and am happy I made the switch from my Nitrum 30.
1-16 of 19 Results