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  1. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I'm all set for my maiden voyage to the Illinois deer woods this fall. All my hunting has been done in PA. I've been bow hunting since 2008 and I've killed over 20 deer with a bow including 9 buck, the biggest of which is probably 160" or so. Any Advice about being selective?
  2. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I have recently moved to Normal, Illinois. I have looked into hunting at various state parks and county parks that allow public bow hunting. Some questions I have are what are some possibly good places to scout and hunt in the area and how big do average deer get up here?
  3. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Jeff struggled this year with all the neighbors benefiting from his hard work. Finally on Nov.9th he was able to get a payoff for his hard work! Watch the hunt here:
  4. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    It's been a long time coming, following this buck for 4 years. I'm beyond grateful to finally seal the deal! You can watch the story here~
  5. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    With these two bucks many would say we had a great year but that's far from the truth... Read here:
  6. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Derek shoots his 1st buck ever with a bow! Self-filmed and a 5 yard chip shot!
  7. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Finally, here it is, the final chapter to the buck Kick-It-In. Truly an incredible morning in the deer woods and I think it's safe to say the good Lord was looking down on us that morning. Enjoy the show!!
  8. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Jake Vancil lays out the red carpet on this BIG Illinois 8pt.
  9. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    We would like your opinions. By looking at pictures from the year before, this buck is a solid 4 1/2 yr. old buck. Would you let him walk another year or shoot him if the opportunity presents itself? click the link here to see more picutes...
  10. Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    I hope this is in the right place on this awesome site, if not please disregard. I feel like I owe it to the owner and guide of Timberland Outfitters in Illinois to tell others of the great hunt we just had at this place. The weather was not the best but oh well thats hunting. Ben and his guides...
  11. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Autograph Signing and Question Session at Blue Ridge Backwoods this Friday Night (10/28/11)! Levi Morgan with "Life on the Road with Levi and Samantha Morgan" will be in the store after his evening hunt Friday night (7-8pm ish). Greg Poole will be here to answer all your questions on Bee...
  12. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey guys, me and my son are headed back up to Hardin Co. tomorrow morning. Could use some intel on movement times there. Just wondering with the full moon shift, if there is more or any morning movement. Or is the movement still mid day and late. Thanks for the info in advance and may each of...
  13. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Let me know what you all think. Thanks.
  14. Services
    Swain Farms offers semi guided hunts for trophy whitetails in west central Illinois. Due to cancelations we have a few openings for the week of November 9-13. For more details visit
  15. Services
    Hey guys.... we are a reputable outfitter here in the brown/pike county area of illinois. Due to the economy being down and some new large tracts of land we've aquired. we have several spaces still left for our 2008 season. We have roughly 4000 acres of prime managed farms out here. These are...
1-15 of 20 Results