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  1. Traditional Archery
    After me and my dad got done working we stopped down at the shot and showed mike The broken Impala. he couldnt believe and said he gets his stuff straight from PSE and it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for him to get another 40 pounder in. He then pulled a 45lb Impala off the shelf and said it...
  2. Traditional Archery
    I just bought a PSE impala NEW 2 days ago and it has already broke on me. does anyone else have experience with these bows? thanks recurveboy
  3. Traditional Archery
    STORY TIME- Never have i been this disappointed in an archery product. for about a year or less now i have been shooting an old 28lb 66inch Bear Recurve (Glass Powered Polar) bow. it is a beautiful custom made bow with a bristle elevated rest and some custom engraving. 2 days ago (Friday the...
1-3 of 3 Results