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kansas hunting lease
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  1. Hunting Land for Lease
    Now accepting members to hunt 7,000 acre private farm in Cheyenne County, KS. Land is in Kansas Unit 1. Limited to 8 members who will share all hunting rights on the farm for a full year. Land is mix of alfalfa, corn, milo, timber along Republican River, pasture and CRP. World class muleys and...
  2. Services
    2011 Kansas Trophy Whitetail hunts. Bow, Muzz and Rifle We still have both guided and DIY hunts available. We just acquired another 8000 acres of prime whitetail and turkey ground! All of our properties are managed with a 140 minimum. We have several properties with a variety of...
  3. Hunting Land for Lease
    :confused: I am looking for a hunting lease in Kansas for the 2010 season,I am looking for 200 to 1000 acres, I am willing to pay top dollar for the right place, I am not a outfitter or a leasing agent.I am going to come to Kansas in January in hopes of looking at some places and get something...
1-3 of 3 Results