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    I went yesterday to pick up mine and my brothers Ohio public land bucks. Big thanks to Jim Pope from Award Winning Taxidermy out of Winter Haven Florida. I couldn't be happier with the work he did. Pictures don't do these deer justice. My Deer shot with Lil Nasty(Burky Custom Nitro Build)...
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    Here's my first kill with a bow. Killed in northern Kansas. Also first Kansas deer kill. Think I'm hooked now, looking forward to next year. Scored 146 with broken brow tine. Also is a tcam pic
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    My first buck with a crossbow last week. Kill shot video here:
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    Can you shoot Badgers in ohio while deer hunting legally. If so do you have to have special tag or licence.
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    If you all are like me, and you probably are, I thought I would post a trophy photo of a buck I killed two years ago with archery tackle. Please post some of your photos. I love to see great bucks, or deer for that matter, of any size with a stick and string. It is truly an accomplishment...
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    Just scrolled through seven pages of arguing about the ideal time to kill a mature buck. I'm not going to cliff note it, if you want to read it I want you to vote on the poll not your preferance, rather when you've had the most luck. If you...
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    Just wanted to get a thread going for Wisconsin this year. I shot this guy opening morning on Saturday September 13th at 8:30am. He came to within 10 yards which was perfect for my first traditional harvest! Found him 80 yards from my stand. Lets get some pics of some good ole Wisconsin...
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    Although i have not seen much rut activity, i have had a good year in Missouri. 6 does before gun season with the old Mission Riot, and then a ten pointer opening day of gun season. I am wondering how others' year in Missouri has gone so far, and why no rut activity? I am thinking too warm.
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    How to defend yourself with a recurve an compound bow against the walking dead.
  10. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Let's see good days you have had out there! I love seeing people being able to get the big one and im sure people dont mind showing it off :thumbs_up
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    I almost stepped on this guy/gal while on a hike with my wife and 3yo son last Friday. It was the first time I've ever seen a rattlesnake in New York State. I took some pictures and then helped it get off the trail so that no one else would step on it. They are protected in NY, but even if...
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    Long horn spike or bigger? we dont have many big bucks around here so wondering if i should pursue this one.
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    With the temperatures set to finally drop within the next couple days the deer movement during shooting hours should increase. Lets see any success pics you have from this year. I know the other states dont give MN much credit, but we produce some nice bucks. So lets see em!
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