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    Hi Everyone, I am from NW Oregon on the coast...home of Trees, Cheese, and Ocean Breeze...I have been into archery for about 5 years and this year I went bow hunting for the first time. I also joined an indoor archery league this year and it has really been fun. I am wanting to sell a bow that...
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    Hi everybody! So I'm so new to archery I don't even have my first bow yet. Getting that in the morning. I'm going with the Parker Sidekick Extreme (pink). After reading some reviews on here and talking to many friends I think that's the best for me to start on. At least to get a feel for...
  3. Learning to Hunt

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    Hi All, I'm new to archery and hopefully to bowhunting. What I'm wondering is, how does one go about learning how to hunt? I recently picked up a 2005 Bowtech Allegiance that I've been going to the range with, and am quickly improving. I had a lesson to learn the form basics and such which has...