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leupold rxii
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  1. Optics and Electronics
    Looking to sell this range finder. It has the true ballistic range and will come with the lanyard. looking for 125 tyd
  2. Optics and Electronics
    Bought this on here a while ago and I'm having to sell it. Still works great and has a new battery. Ranges out to about 650 accurately with the right settings. I'm looking for 200 obo to your door.
  3. Optics and Electronics
    I have a two year old Leupold RXII Range Finder in Black and Grey in awesome condition that I need to sell. We have been sponsored by Nikon and will have no real need to keep this one. I will except trades for any realtree under armour coats, pants (combos), or a Lone Wolf Hang on stand...
1-3 of 3 Results