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  1. F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    My daughter and I just started taking lessons in June. I am trying to figure out what I need to get her for her first bow. I've about narrowed it down to the SF Forged Plus for her riser. My question is about the limbs. I've been debating between the Hoyt Excel and Samick Privilege. I don't want...
  2. F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    I have been out of archery for the past 25 years. Looking at getting all new equipment but have been out of touch with all the changes going on. I am looking at purchasing the Hoyt Formula Riser, 25" or 27" And the Hoyt Formula F4 CArbon Foam Recurve Limbs. Now the limbs range from S, M, L all...
1-2 of 2 Results