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  1. DIY Equipment
    Completed converting the manual linear press to a fully automatic “power” press just in time as elk season opens in a few weeks!!! Purchased three junk 90 VDC gear motors for basically scrap price hoping I could make a good one out of the three. FleaBay for a DC variable speed motor controller...
  2. DIY Equipment
    Ok, some of you on here know my work. I have pics on my profile page of my linear press. I made this press before I became a member of AT. I had no idea that all this information was available. So after reading and seeing some of your finger designs with their plus and minuses, mine included...
  3. DIY Equipment
    Attached are some plans I have revised. Thanks to lc12 for the spot checks, I get in a hurry and don't QC my own work. If anybody else notices something let me know and I'll update them.
1-3 of 3 Results