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long bow

  1. For Sale Stalker Apex

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Original owner, bow built Jan 2020. Walnut footed myrtle long long bow limbs, 46 @28. Riser is 17 in myrtle with walnut flare. Bow is like new and not a scratch on it. Comes with Thunderhorn Linx 6 arrow quiver. $1200 TYD.
  2. Bear Archery Company 66' Long Bow

    Bear Archery Company 66' Long Bow

    Bear Archery Company Polar series 66" long bow
  3. Fist Recurve ????

    Traditional Archery
    So I’ll start by saying I’m not new to archery at all. Been shooting compounds for over 20 years. I also used to have a old browning nomad recurve in 45#. I actually have killed 2 deer with it. So I would like to get me a traditional bow. I said recurve but I’m not opposed to a long bow...
  4. Howard hill 'white eagle'

    Traditional Archery
    hello. I have a left handed, 70 lb. 'WhiteEagle'. i took it in trade a few years ago, not knowing just how heavy a 70lb. draw is. I don't even practice archery, just thought i might like to at the time. It looks to be in excellent, practically new condition. I'd like to sell it, but have...
  5. Great Northern Field Bow 36# @28 (Green)

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale is a Great Northern Field Bow. It is 60" and 36 lbs at 28" Asking $220 TYD. Thanks for looking.
  6. Howard Hill Legend stick w/ 20 self nock wood arrows

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    For sale in excellent condition. Howard Hill Legend stick long bow 55#, 66". With fast flight string. 20 self nock wood arrows, 10 pcs 4 fletch, 10 pcs 3 fletch. $450tyd
  7. Howard hill legend stick

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    $450 tyd 66" 55# fast flight string included
  8. Herter Bow for Sale

    Hunting Bows
    I know nothing about them, was given to me as a gift, looks to be in good condition. I have been told it is worth about $200. Looking for as close to that as I can get! Not wanting to mail it so must be willing to pick it up. Located in Appleton WI EMIAL ME: [email protected]
  9. Sarrels Blue Ridge SR 45#@28"

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Have a nice blue ridge take down for sale. Shoots sweet and quick, very smooth. Pictures on way, $450.00
  10. Big River Longbow?

    Traditional Archery
    I recently got a Big River longbow. I can't find much information about them online except for a couple old threads. Has anyone shot them or know anything about them? It says "Dark Horse" on the back and also has the name of the guy it was made for originally. I think this is the 21st century...
  11. Bear Montana Longbow 30lb Package

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale is my like-new 64” Montana Longbow made in 2014. Bow pulls 30lbs at 28”. This Montana has beautiful wood grain without a scratch and is strung with a premium Flemish traditional string with beaver tail silencers from Chad Weaver at Champion Custom Bowstrings. The package will...
  12. Zona Bows

    Traditional Archery
    I was wondering if anyone was still shooting or had a Zona Bow custom made by Bill Griffen? I am his son, Wyatt Griffen, and I just thought it would be cool if I could still find one out there being shot. Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. Looking For Some Knowledge

    Traditional Archery
    Back in the early 90's I bought a used longbow. It was a Leclair Special Huntmaster. Its 68" 60# @28" it has a SK-96-D number on it that I have no idea what it means. At the time I worked for a friend that got me shooting traditional and he would make my arrows and helped me learn to shoot. All...
  14. Beautiful Tulipwood Leon Stewart 62" LongBow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Beautiful Tulipwood Bow 62" 50#@28" LS Slammer (62" 50#@ 28"). Great condition. New arrow rest, leather grip, embedded accent compass. Comes with original string and newer string with silencers. I've taken a number of pics to show bows condition. Prettier in person. Pulls very smooth with no...
  15. on the origins of archery... bow-and-arrow drawings needed

    General Archery Discussion
    Dear ArcheryTalk colleagues I am a new member; I am interested in archery as a researcher studying technological change: the bow-and-arrow is an iconic radical invention and I have been interested in for a long time. I have been wondering for years how it could have been invented. Now I have...
  16. Bearpaw / bodnik slick stick

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    looking for 50# or 55# Thanks
  17. 62" pronghorn t/d longbow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    This is a 62" three piece takedown longbow that's 53# @28". The riser is action wood with red elm limbs. It has a new fast flight string with Navajo wool silencers and a new 3 rivers bow sock. It's a great shooting bow I'm good condition just a few scratches I'm the limb glass. $450.00 tyd...
  18. Damon Howatt Hunter

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I've got a nice DH Hunter recurve for sale. It's in great shape, 9 out of 10. 50 pounds at 28" 62" AMO 200 tyd in the lower 48 OBO May consider partial trades
  19. First Recurve Set-up

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Hey all, I am wanting to put my compound down for a while and try learning to shoot traditional archery. I haven't ever owned one, but really wanting to learn. I am wanting a package to start off with and am looking to spend about 300 on my first rig to see if I like it. My draw length is 28...
  20. any info on a fredericks Longbow?

    General Archery Discussion
    I have recently purchased a Frederick yoeman long bow made by fritz jonk from an estate sale. I can't find any real helpful info online about this bow. I'm looking for any info/value. I'm a noob when it comes to longbows but I seen this bow and couldn't pass it up for the price they were...