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  1. 2009 Diamond Marquis 70lb Invelvet

    Hunting Bows
    I've got a 2009 Diamond Marquis 70lb/29". Harwoods grey (stab & quiver match bow). In really good condition with only a few small nicks in the invelvet finish from normal use. Also has a ripcord rest, 7" Octane Stab, Extreme Challenger 850 sight, G5 meta-peep, and an Octane bantam weight quiver...
  2. Diamond Bow Sale - 20% Off

    Hunting Bows
    These bow are bare/camo bows and BRAND NEW. 2009 Diamond Marquis Sale Price.... $560 2009 Diamond Rock Sale Price.... $420 2009 Diamond Ice Man Sale Price.... $615 2009 Diamond Black Ice Sale Price.... $520 Shipping is $18 per bow anywhere in lower 48 States.
  3. 08 diamond marquis cam

    Bow Tuning
    Hi, I had a problem with my bow a couple of weeks ago. While changing the string, I deformed the cam with the portable bow press. Unfortunately, I was forcing the plate of the cam, resulting in a massive deformation. I live in Spain, and I don't have a pro shop close by, so I contacted directly...
  4. Diamond Marquis vs. Black Ice

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I am in the market for a new bow, I have shot the Diamond Marquis and was very impressed. I have seen the Black Ice for the same price. Can anyone tell me what the difference is?
  5. FS: Diamond Marquis/HD Grey $465 tyd

    Hunting Bows
    Up for sale is my Diamond Marquis. 50-60#/ peaks at 61#, currently set at 27.5" draw, also have 27 and 28" mods and get others as well. Bow is a 9 out of 10 if not better. Only blemis is from the rest set screw. Bow will include an installed d-loop and Fletcher Tru-Peep installed on the...