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  1. Martin Archery Discussion
    Does anyone? know how to get a hold of martin. I've been calling for days, I emailed multiple times and filled out their forms online and have gotten nothing back. Did they go out of business. The top limb on my bow cracked just days before the season started. :(
  2. Archery Accessories
    Looking for this exact bow sight for my old martin would love to have it.
  3. Broadhead Discussion
    Anyone have this impact bow sight? Been trying to find one for my martin tracer magnum cant seem to find it anywhere
  4. Martin Archery Discussion
    Hi there everyone, I am in need of anyone willing who would sell parts for a certain Martin bow. My bow is a 2014 Martin Nemesis Nitro. It is 55-70#. size 27" - 30.5 " with 80% Let off. I am looking for anyone who has spare limbs and would be willing to sell them. This is for a special bow that...
  5. Martin Compound Bows
    Hello I'm new in the archery hunting experience and recently received a Warthog Magnum Bow. The strings are snapped so I need help with figuring out how to restring the bow. The arms that hold the string when you draw it back also seem to be loose. I also would like to try and update the sights...
  6. Martin Archery Discussion
    My local shop picked up Martin this year. The owner is shooting one of the target bows, and with the virus, the other lines have been slow to deliver. He did receive the new ADX6 & 7 last week, so I got to shoot them a bit. The ADX7 is a short bow and as such, I felt it was a bit less stable...
  7. Western Bowhunting Gallery
    2019 mule deer shot in western Colorado. looking forward to 2020 and the hunts to come! Is it September yet?
  8. ArcheryTalk Videos and Media Forum
    After months of testing and thousands of arrows shot, here is my long-term review of the Martin Archery AXON 40 target bow. Regular viewers to this channel will know I had some issues early on with the AXON, but some simple fixes have really changed the way I think about this bow. At around...
  9. DIY Equipment
    While I am far from an expert at making things (possibly sub-competent), the shelf on the Martin AXON 40 was driving me a little crazy. It is a bolt-on shelf and it dug into my forefinger every time I shot it. Honestly, it kept me from shooting that bow more often. So I took off the shelf...
1-9 of 81 Results