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martin bow sale

  1. Martin Xenon 2.0 For Sale

    Target Bows
    Martin Xenon 2.0 Custom Purple Carbon Fiber Film Dip Frankenbow Finney Special (single to double cam) 5.5” brace height 34 5/8 axle to axle 40-60# 26-29” draw length (approx) 270 FPS shooting a 294 grain arrow (27” draw @ 47lbs) 283 FPS shooting a 342 grain arrow (27” draw @ 60lbs) This bow...
  2. Martin Lithium w/ Smoke Cam

    Hunting Bows
    2015 Martin Lithium with Binary Smoke Cam Upgrade ***$350 tyd*** I bought this bow new and sent it directly to Martin to have the new Smoke Cams installed. It is a 2015 Lithium upgraded to a 2017 Lithium LTD. The let-off on these Smoke Cams are amazing. Specs: 33" ATA 6" Brace Height...
  3. Two 2009 Martin Mystic Bows for Sale

    Martin Compound Bows
    I have two 2009 Red Martin Mystic bows that I am trying to sell. $400 for each bow. One has red and black strings. The other has stock Martin strings.
  4. Martin Prowler

    Hunting Bows
    Asking $300 +shipping. Located in Barberton. Only had this bow for about 4 months. Never been dry fired. It's set up at 55# and 27" LOP. It can be easily adjusted. Does not include rest, sight, strap or stabilizer. Here are the specs on Martins site...
  5. Martin Trophy Hunter

    Hunting Bows
    I have a Martin Trophy Hunter compound bow for sale. This bow has never been in the woods. Just a few practice shots on a target. I bought it for my son as a Christmas present and he never uses it. This bow is in very excellent condition. The bow is ready to go and is outfitted with a new...
  6. Martin magnum tracer lt for sale

    Hunting Bows
    33inch Martin Magnum Bow for sale with new string,whisker biscuit,spider silencer,sling 6inch stabilizer let off is 80% also have cam attachment links to make drawstring shorter will include pillarcase & 15 carbon arrows need to sell soon $300 or best offer please contact me at 518-309-3734...
  7. New 2009 Martin Warthog

    Hunting Bows
    This Warthog is new and never been shot or even had a sight on it. repeat, it has NEVER been shot. I picked it up when I was in the right place right time on impulse, because I really like the one I have, but due to the times, I am going to have to part with it. 1 warthog is enough for me. 2009...
  8. 1993 Martin Pantera

    General Archery Discussion
    Ok every one, here's where I need your input. I have a 1993 Martin Pantera that I have been shooting since I bought it new in '94. It's in really great shape, just had a new string, peep and string jax put on a month ago. I'm thinking of letting the old girl go for something newer. The bow...
  9. LH Martin Scepter 07 Fury Xcams FS

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I bought this bow off here and its a nice bow, but the weight and the draw just don't work for me. This is my first left handed bow and I didn't think my draw would be different, but in retrospect I realize now that I should have. The original post is here...
  10. Martin archery: to go bankrupt ?

    General Archery Discussion
    I ordered a Moab compound bow from Martin more than 2 months ago and I really don't see the day I will receive it. Does Martin goes bankrupt ? Does Martin always have that (very very) long delivery time. I am really upset about this situation and I am thinking about cancelling my order. It is...

    Hunting Bows
    Martin Pro Series Phantom II 55#-70# with a 29" draw length. Shot less that 300 time and in excellent condition. Nap Quicktune drop away rest, Alpine Softloc Quiver with 4 Carbon Rebel 4560 arrows, Montana Black Gold sight, peep, loop and string leaches already installed. Bow is in excellent...