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  1. General Archery Discussion
    So I recently bought a Hoyt Maxxis 31 Hunting Compound Bow XTR Cam 28"-30" Draw, 60-70#, RH, #3 cams (3C I believe). I haven’t shot in over 10 years and forgot my draw length which I found out later is about 26 inches. So obviously the cams on the bow don’t fit me. My question is if anyone out...
  2. Miscellaneous Accessories
    I'm looking for XTR #3 Cams RH. Hopefully someone has a set out there. Thanks!
  3. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I did do a search on what I`m about to ask, and as I`m still kind of green when it comes to archery and terminology and stuff, I`ll ask here anyways. I recently picked up a 2011 Maxxis 31 Dangerous Game bow. It has a DL of 28.5 (I`m a 29), and the number 3 XTR Cam and a half...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, Shopping around for used bows, and have narrowed it down to 3. Currently I shoot a Martin Moab pro hunter with a 30 inch draw set at 60lbs. First bow is a Hoyt Maxxis 31 Dangerous Game, 60-70 pound limbs set @ 28.5 with the modules for 28 and 30. Second is a Reezen 7.0, 29 inch...
  5. General Archery Discussion
    Heya Pals, Long time no talk. I own a Hoyt Maxxis 31. I'm looking to pick up a SKB case for it. I believe the case I'm looking for is the 2SKB-4119. Local stores around me, don't have it in stock. And before I have them order it, I'd like to verify that the bow will fit. Thanks for your time.
1-5 of 46 Results