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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Has anyone tried the new CBE Tactic Micro? Really interested, but there aren't many reviews out there.
  2. F.I.T.A. Classified
    Tried to make these work but need .400 after all. Draw 31 and using for barebow so going to .400 12 BE x-impacts. .500 spine 12 BE outserts. never used 11 100-120 grain target points. 6 glued in at 100 gr and a few dinged up. 5 not used. 1 shaft is cut at 30 5/16 and doesn't have a nock 6 shafts...
  3. Crossbows for Sale or Trade
    I have a 2016 Micro 335 Nightmare that I am wanting to part ways with. The bow is in excellent condition, has been shot at an indoor range with only one trip to the woods where it saw no action. I am selling because I went a different route with my equipment. The ready to use package will...
  4. Bear Archery Discussion
    Hey all, I am wondering if anybody knows of a good place to search out parts for Bear bows. I have a Bear Micro Hunter, first 'legit' compound I ever had, and am wanting to pass it on to one of the younguns in my life. Only problem is it has a deep crack in one of the limbs. Any Bear...
1-4 of 63 Results