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  1. Left Handed Hunting Bows
    Bear Motive 7, 60/70lb limbs, maxes at 72lbs.. IBO 340. Draw length can be set anywhere from 26.5" to 31". I can adjust it to whatever you need before it leaves my way. Picked the bow up from another member here who had just bought the bow BRAND new from a dealer last month. The bow was tuned...
  2. WTB/WTT Left Handed Bows
    Gents, Looking to pick up a Fred Bear Attack or Motive 7 in good condition with 70lb limbs. Message me with pics and price of your rig if interested. Thanks. Zach
  3. Target Bows
    I'm selling my gently used 2014 Bear Archery Motive 7 40-50lbs bow. I bought new fall of 2014 and shot 5 - 6 archery club sessions. Bow being sold AS-IS BARE-BOW with peep sight, D-loop, and HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet sight. I'm keeping the arrow rest and stabilizer/sling, pic take with all...
  4. Hunting Bows
    hi there everyone, i bout my motive 7 about 6 months back and the draw weight is too heavy for me, slightly nieve of me, so that is the main reason for selling/trading it. Im looking for a bow that has a 50-60lb range. If you have the same bow but lighter draw i would also be interested. Im...
  5. Hunting Bows
    Selling my like new Bear Motive 7 # 50 lbs max SPEED (IBO) 340 FPS WEIGHT 4 LBS BRACE HEIGHT 7" AXLE TO AXLE 32" PEAK DRAW WEIGHT 50 LBS DRAW LENGTH RANGE 26.5" TO 31" LET-OFF 75% bare bow $ 575 tyd OBO
1-5 of 5 Results