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  1. Mathews Archery Discussion
    Anybody else out there have problems with part of their sight being blocked by the riser? I have a Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro, idk if the sight window is so big that it's coming into the line of sight of the riser or if Mathews generally sets the centershot distance smaller than the radius of...
  2. Mathews Archery Discussion
    I'll be out on the first day of the Colorado either-sex archery elk season (27 Aug) and have a bit of trepidation over this 80% let-off law that apparently will be enforced pretty heavily this year. I'll be hunting with an MR6, which has a factory spec of 80% let-off, but I've seen information...
  3. Bow Tuning
    Hey guys, question for everyone... I have a MR5 and I've heard of people swap7ng the limbs out with safari limbs, and achiving over 400fps... fully cranked down I think it pulls around 90lbs, not that I want 90lbs just researching. anyone have info on safari limb swaps? Thanks.
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Does anybody know if the Rock mods are compatible with the Mathews MR6?
  5. Mathews Archery Discussion
    So it's time for me to get a speed bow. Yes I know I don't need it but I want it (and at 80 lbs if I can get it). Technically there's no need for fast cars either but that doesn't stop anyone that owns a Porsche from driving it. Keep in mind I'm a big guy (6'2, 230) with decent enough form, so...
1-5 of 59 Results