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    i have for sale a dozen victory nano 400's 45/60 27 7/8" shaft to nock throat has 80 gn glue in points installed pin nocks 295gn average total weight 1.75" bohning x-vane yellow yellow nocks 150 tyd
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    All prices are Manufacturer's Allowable Price (MAP) listings. For Archery Talk member pricing you will have to shoot me a PM. Shafts Nano Force V6 350 $76.50 Nano Force V1 350 $153 VFV3 500 spine $75 VFV3 350 VFV3 300 VFV6 500 $55 VFV6 400 VFV6 350 VFV1 HV 350 $120 VX 22 HV V1 $125...