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national geographic

  1. Wild Justice on Nat Geo

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Looking forward to this in a cautious way. I am hopeful that they show a clear delineation between the law-abiding, ethical hunters, and the poachers they pursue. One more show calling a 'poacher' a 'hunter' is the last thing we need. Starts on the 28th. Here's hoping they keep it real...
  2. National Geographic X-Force

    General Archery Discussion
    Last night National Geographic had a show on called "Factory Floor," It was on from 8-9pm. At about 8:45 they went to the PSE factory and showed how they make there X-force, Pete Shepley was the one giving the tour. It was an interesting show, it was like a better version of "how its made,"...