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  1. Arrow doesn't fly straight

    Traditional Archery
    Hey, so I'm still a novice archer and recently I got a recurve bow. Previously I've been shooting a compound bow and I was getting pretty good at it but I always felt like I was cheating lol. Anyway now that I have a recurve bow I notice that my arrows don't seem to fly straight. I'm shooting...
  2. Question About Recurves

    General Archery Discussion
    First of all this is my first post (been a viewer for a little while though) so hope this is in the right category. Before I ask, I should probably give some backstory: Just recently I received a recurve as a gift. I usually shoot compound (still a little new at that). The recurve I now have...
  3. disaster turned into a miracle!

    Traditional Archery
    i apologize for the long post..... but today while shooting my inherited recurve the top limb decided it was sick of life and it wanted out so it blew up and smacked me in the face real good. i was very upset, and unsure why this happened. so i went to the store and picked up a new string for my...
  4. Got My Martin Mamba Ordered Today

    Young Archers Forum
    Ok so i have been looking at recurves for a few months and my birth day is tommorow July 7 so i went up to the bow shop today and ordered my Martin Mamba! I am so excited heck when i kill a deer with my recurve i am going to think that compound bowhunting is to easy! Anyway i was just going to...