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  1. 2010 Elite Judge (Ninja), 60#, 27.5"

    Hunting Bows
    Excellent condition 2010 Elite Judge in ninja (black riser, black limbs) with REV #4 cam modules (27.5" draw length) and 50-60 lbs. limbs. This is essentially an Elite GT500 with a 6" brace height. I bought it new in 2010 and life got in the way of me using it more, despite my best intentions...
  2. 2013 elite pulse ninja $550 tyd

    Hunting Bows
    2013 Elite Pulse Ninja $550 TYD - 50-60lbs - EFX #2 Cams Draw Length specific 29.5" - 34" ATA - 6" Brace height - QAD Ultra Rest - Elite 6 arrow detachable quiver This is Elite's smoothest shooting speed bow prior to the Impulse. Love this bow - one of the most accurate shooters I've ever...
  3. 2014 Elite Energy 35 55-65# RH Ninja

    Hunting Bows
    2014 Elite Energy 35 55-65# RH Ninja 28.5" mods. Super clean bow. Winners Choice strings that have not been shot much. Helping a buddy sell it. I will post pics tonight or tomorrow. 475 TYD lower 48 and I got the paypal fees.
  4. 2015 Elite E35 - Ninja 70# or 80#

    Hunting Bows
    Selling a 2015 E35 standard grip all black bow.... Currently has 70-80lb limbs installed from hunting. Can install 60-70# limbs if requested. Currently set at 29 inch DL. Have #2 mods as well -I believe those are 30" Custom orange/charcoal winners choice strings just installed. No major...
  5. 2014 Elite Energy 32, 50#, Loaded, Excellent Condition

    Hunting Bows
    Like new/excellent condition 2014 Elite Energy 32 with 50lb limbs. 28.5" draw. Loaded with Rip Cord rest, Trophy Ridge React One sight, Apex stabilizer (scratched up some on camo finish), wrist sling, D-loop, kisser button, and peep. Black finish. Used for one season. Incredible shape/like new...
  6. 2015 Elite Energy 35 Blackout

    Hunting Bows
    This bow is absolutely flawless it has custom fluorescent yellow strings and cables and has 60 pound limbs. I bought this bow this spring and shot it indoors and haven't shot it since April, I have the draw length at 29" right now but I can change the mods out if need be. The QAD HDX Elite rest...
  7. Elite GTO Ninja - 28 and 28.5/60

    Hunting Bows
    Elite GTO Ninja. 28/60. Also comes with 28.5" mods as well as an additional string set. The mounted string set is in excellent condition. Peep and loop included and align well at full draw. The bow has nominal finish marks, but overall is a great example of a GTO... looks great, shoots...
  8. Elite Energy 32

    Hunting Bows
    Elite Energy 32 70# Black Finish Winner's Choice Strings Limbsaver limb dampeners This bow is in PERFECT Condition! $775
  9. Elite XLR Black 60lb with 27.5 and 28" Cuda cams

    Target Bows
    I have for sale a 60lb Elite XLR. Has orange strings that are in good shape. It has 27.5" cuda cams on it now but also comes with 28" cuda cams. Over all it's in good shape it has 2 small marks on the shelf and bottom limb has light scratches from the stand. It has 1 light impression from the...
  10. 2011 Elite Pure Ninja 29/60 - Trade or Sell

    Hunting Bows
    Sale - 2011 Elite Pure, all black, 29/60 (with extra 29.5" mods included). Very good condition, very sharp. String set in near-new condition (flo-green and grey). Saunders Hyper-Slide, peep and loop included. Only cosmetic blemish is the obligatory set screw mark at the rest and hard-to-spot...
  11. 2014 Elite Energy 35 Ninja

    Hunting Bows
    2014 E35 one week old. Bought it for a second bow to shoot fixed pin 3D. Needless to say I don't care for fixed pins and don't shoot this near as well as my Hoyt. It currently has 29" grey mods on it but I also have a set of 28.5" brown mods also. Your choice of mods or both sets for an...
  12. '13 Elite Hunter Ninja 65/28

    Hunting Bows
    Bare bow with loop and kisser. $450 tyd - paypal preferred. Second owner of this bow - bought off AT couple months ago - shot a few times in the yard. Want to keep this bow but need to free up some funds to get my boat running for spring. Can't get pictures to load. Text for pics...
  13. 2012 Ninja Answer

    Hunting Bows
    Right hand 60lb shot very little in great shape 525$ TYD have plenty of mods. to change draw.
  14. 2012 Elite Answer

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2012 elite answer with 60 pound limbs and a 29 inch draw. I also have 28.5 inch mods that will come with the bow. The bow is all black with flo green strings and cables and flo green bowjax. Strings have been shot, but still have life left in them. This bow has been used and hunted...
  15. Elite Energy 35 Ninja 60 lb limbs

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    As the title states I'm looking to purchase a black (has to be black) Elite E35 with 60 pound limbs not 70. Draw length isn't to important as I can get it changed. But if it was 28.5 that would be perfect. I can pay via PayPal and would be willing to cover the 3% looking for bare bow. Let me...
  16. 2013 Ninja Elite Answer 29/70

    Hunting Bows
    Mint 2013 Elite Answer, 29 inch draw length, 60-70 lbs. Only reason I am selling is I just upgraded to the 2014 Elite Energy. Perfect condition. $575 comes with new winners choice strings and peep. PM me with your number and I can text you pics!! Would also be interested in trades for a Phoenix...
  17. 2013 Elite Answer

    Hunting Bows
    2013 Elite Answer bow for sale. It is all black with 70lb limbs, smooth cams, ceracoted cams and winners choice strings and cables. Also comes with Spot-Hogg Hogg-it 5 pin micro adjust sight, Vapor Trail pro V drop away rest, B-stinger 12 stabilizer, Carter too-simple release, nice Plano bow...
  18. 2013 Elite pulse 70# RH Ninja 28.5"

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2013 Right hand Elite pulse. Ninja color with 28.5" mods. (can swap for some different DL) Bare Bow $575 TYD lower 48 Pics to come. Pm me with any questions. Let me know if you want any more info. BH22
  19. 2010 Elite Z28 60lb 28 1/2" (NINJA)

    Hunting Bows
    2010 Elite Z28 60lb 28 1/2" Draw. All black-ninja. Bought on AT in the summer. Have a newly built custom string. Need to sell ASAP. $400 TYD Will post pics later or PM me
  20. 2013 ELITE HUNTER FS!(Like New)

    Hunting Bows
    This is a 2013 Elite Hunter Ninja for sale. 65# limbs 29" DL mods. Bought brand new a couple months ago and has been shot very little. In excellent condition. Only scratch on the bow is on the cam where it was put in a bow press and the cam rubbed against metal. About 1/4" scratch. Shown in...