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  1. General Archery Discussion
    So I made the switch from standard diameter (Carbon Express Maxima Red 350) arrows to micro diameter arrows (Victory VAP TKO 300) and I haven’t shot the new ones yet (waiting for outserts to come in the mail) but looking at my arrow, it is nock high when on the string and rest. So my question...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Tying my first nock points. Using BCY Nock String. When I tie them they still want to move. Should they still move? The top one is pretty firm to move, but have tied the bottom one 2x and it is not so firm.
  3. General Archery Discussion
    Hello folks, This year I decided to get into bow tuning. For my first project, I decided to change the string and cables on my Prodigy. Since I have never done this before, I have taken my time and made sure to catalog everything I have done while tuning. The string and cables went on fine, with...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    I have a 2014 hoyt carbon spyder with a trophy taker smackdown cable driven rest. When I set it up I had my arrow set at 90 degrees and 13/16th an inch away from the riser. I shot through paper and got a 3/4inch high tear and a little left. When I got a bullet hole I look at my set up again and...
  5. Traditional Archery
    Where do you all suggest setting nock points? I have read everything from 1/2" above center to 1/8" below. Along with your personal suggestions, could someone explain the physics of why they suggest a certain point so that I might understand the principle behind it? Thanks.
  6. General Archery Discussion
    Those of you that use a D-loop only with no tied in nick points or brass nock, how do you know the same exact location to put in a new loop if you have to replace it? This is the first time I've done it this way. I usually use a brass nock just above my arrow nock and obviously it wouldn't ever...
  7. General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently setup my martin scepter v, using a TT SS 2 rest (Trophy Taker) with .010" blade. When I draw back, my arrow keeps falling off, unless I draw real slow delibrately, which is a pain and unrealistic to have to do repeatedly. I had the nock point set about 1/8" high of level...
  8. Traditional Archery
    Hey, just wanted to talk about nock points and traditional archery. I have been shooting for about seven years now, all traditional archery. I have never used nock points, I got into a small debate with someone at a local archery supply store and was told it was impossible to shoot a good group...
1-8 of 8 Results