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  1. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I am planing to get some Eastons' 2314 for my Reflex Buckskin 60#@28" on 125 Gr. BHs, and cut 'em down to 28,5" what do you think? i have access to aluminum arrows at this stage, thanks.
  2. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    how do you setup inside your D-loop on your hunting rig? 2 nocking points tied up and under and then a D rap around a single bead nock below nocking point inside your loop heavier/longer serving below and lighter above nocking point only d-loop and no tying inside 2 beads under one over or any...
  3. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hi guys, i am changing my rest to an aluminum whisker biscuit from fuse on my buckskin/reflex. i have blazer vanes on my Eastons' 2314s and i think these vanes are a tad thick/stiff and have more height than duravanes or easton vanes. now my questions is if it is a good idea to go with blazers...
  4. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hi everyone. i have a Drenalin LD 29.5"@60# and i use it for hunting. can please share your thoughts what else other than a T5 quiver,Rest,sight and a loop i need on this bow to make it a good hunting outfit? my concern is silencing the drenalin LD more than anything else to make sure i have...
1-4 of 4 Results