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  1. Morning vs evening October hunts? with cold fronts>?

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    I've been bowhunting for many years but I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Here in the Northeast we had a bit of a cold front last weekend, 10-15 degree change and as usual deer activity was up with Bucks on their feet an hour before dark. I hunted evenings because I'm lazy and general...
  2. Hunting Over Scrapes. 7 bucks in 72 hours [VIDEO]!

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    I have always wondered about hunting over scrapes in early October. Research says most deer activity on scrapes is nocturnal and extremely variable. but 7 bucks in 72 hours is a hotspot don't you think? Video URL below...
  3. One down in Wisconsin!

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    Heres the story:angel:
  4. Beat the October Lull?

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    Lets see how everyone hunts during the "lull" How about if you've killed a mature buck from Oct. 1st to 25th post a picture, temps, type of terrian, cold fronts, time of day, state, basically all details about the hunt. If you have any tricks you used to close the deal post them up too. We...