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  1. Southern Shoots
    Saturday and Sunday June 14th & 15th. Each round shot enters you in the prize drawings including the grand prize of a custom Black Widow Bow. Recurve, longbow and Self-bow classes for Men, Women, Youth and cubs. Buckles? and trophies Over $15K given away in the last 5 yrs. Range has been...
  2. Southern Shoots
    2014 Schedule Shoots feature McKenzie 3d targets Mar 15,16 Club Shoot Apr 19,20 Spring Fling & Swap Meet May 17,18 ASA Qualifier/Club Shoot Jun 14,15 Rick Berry Memorial Traditional Shoot (Trad Only) Aug 16,17 Bowhunter's Festival
  3. Southern Shoots
    Postponed from the 5th & 6th. Thank you for your support.
  4. Southern Shoots
    2nd Annual Oklahoma City Gun Club Bowhunter's Festival 3D shoot - August 13th & 14th I was thinking about taking it easy and coasting into hunting season (in the little free time I have left with my new job...), but we've have had lots of interest from sponsors and shooters and I have mostly...
  5. Southern Shoots
    Folks, I built a quick website to get information out and solicit inputs for the 2011 season. The site has a club map, calendar, announcements, club information, 2010 scores, club links, qualifier information, files download, photo album (please send us your photos to include!) and most...
  6. Southern Shoots
    The OKC Gun Club will be hosting a 3D tournament Saturday and Sunday. Registration is trickle start from 8AM to 3 PM both days. A mostly shaded course will be set to include Morgan's Elusive Elk and the five new McKenzie targets sponsored by Heartland Outdoors. Heartland Outdoors also sponsored...
1-6 of 6 Results