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  1. Older Martin Recurve question... Limbs available any more?

    Martin Archery Discussion
    Hello, After a long hiatus from archery I'm getting back into it. The compound I had was stolen, but the recurve is still here. Older 1992? Martin Takedown Recurve originally set for 50lbs... not going to be alble to pull that anymore (bow's old, archer is even older). I'm aware that limb...
  2. Old Bear Archery Arrows

    General Archery Discussion
    Recently my dad purchased some older Bear Archery Arrows. Wondering if anyone would know what they might be worth? Thanks
  3. Old Bear Compound

    General Archery Discussion
    I recently traded an old muzzle loader for this bow. I don't know anything about it other then it looks like its in excellent condition. Would love to find out more about yr, specs and rough value. It is a 30" DL and 60#