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  1. Back country Oregon elk hunt 2019

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I was lucky enough to kill this bull in the back country of Oregon this year. We hiked 8 miles in on a Saturday, and after chasing elk around for a day and a half was able to arrow this guy at 30 yards with a perfect shot. Bull went 70 yards and we were able to hear him pile up. Best part was...
  2. Hello from Oregon

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been a Mathews fanboy ever since my first switchback. Recently purchased a new Vertix in Sone riser/black limbs, with Hamskea Trinity rest, Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL sight, Bee Stinger MicroHex stabilizer and tight spot quiver.
  3. Carter release to replace my Spot Hogg Saturday Night Special

    General Archery Discussion
    I just recently got back into target shooting, a compound. I have a spot Hogg SNS and I was looking at/ interested in the Carter Attraction. I have only shot a thumb release, but want to try a tension release. I don't have target panic, but want to try something like the attraction. The...
  4. Sitka Ascent 12 packs subalpine

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    I have two Sitka Ascent 12 packs in subalpine. Used but in good condition. $110 tyd each.
  5. Anybody from OR or WA? Looking for opinions.

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    So my job with the Coast Guard will have me relocating in June. Where to, I'm not exactly sure yet. But two strong possibilities are Warrenton OR and Port Angeles WA. As with everything I do, hunting opportunities will play a role in this. Is anyone familiar with these areas? Or surrounding...
  6. Technohunt Freestyle Summer Qualifier - $3000 in prize money

    NW Shoots
    Technohunt is excited to announce are upcoming online tournament starting June 15th and ending June 30th. We will have several shops all over the country participating in online tournament. We are giving away prize money to all skill levels. Overall we will be giving away $3000 in prize money...
  7. Garmin Oregon 450 GPS

    Optics and Electronics
    Comes with Hunting gps maps Colorado chip installed, original box and manual printed off also includes a carabiner. Used 1 week on Colorado elk hunt. $260 tyd Paypal, lower 48, no trades
  8. should crossbows be legal in Oregon?

    Crossbow Legislation
    I am a beginning hunter in Oregon, and I enjoy shooting crossbows. I always have loved crossbows, but I cannot hunt with one here in Oregon. The only thing I can hunt with one is rabbits and hogs, but those aren't too plentiful here. Do you think crossbows should be legal to hunt with during...
  9. coyotes in oregon

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    What are some ranches/farms in the willamette valley area that allow coyote hunting? (ODFW won't answer their phone so I can't ask them any questions).
  10. Oregon weapons restrictments

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I know this belongs in the crossbow section, but i did not get a single response there. I was wondering what animals can be hunted with a crossbow in Oregon. I can hunt with a bow, but I definitely like using a crossbow much more, and would like to hunt whatever I can with one. P.S, please don't...
  11. Willamette Oregon hunting

    General Archery Discussion
    I've started getting into bow hunting, and have only hunted once before on someone's private property and the turkey I hunted belonged to him. I can't seem to find anywhere that gives the different game seasons on the odfw website (which looks like it's from 2004), and ive only ever heard of...
  12. Hogs In Oregon?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Any oregon hunters seen hogs recently?
  13. Hood River Apple Knockers 2014 Little John 3D shoot

    3d Archery Shoots
    The Hood River Apple Knockers will be holding our annual Little John 3D shoot is this weekend June 21st and 22nd at the Little John snow park. We hope that you all can make it up it looks like the weather is going to be great this year. You are all welcome to join us it is going to be a great...
  14. Escaping Crowds in Oregon

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hello, this is my first post on Archerytalk. I am an Oregon native, and have been hunting the coast and desert for big game with rifle here since I was 12 years old (I'm now 26). I bought a bow a few years ago and plan to hunt elk/deer with bow this season. What has turned me off the most about...
  15. Hello from oregon

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi there, I'm from the mid valley area in Oregon. Had a friend set me up with a Bowtech Old glory, cooper John dead nuts 5 pin camo, QAD ultra rest hd Pro, limb saver s coil, and a scott tiger release. This will be my first bow season and I'm looking for folks that want to get together and...
  16. First Time Hunt in Bend/Portland

    Greetings Fellow Bowhunters, In a nutshell, I'm new to archery (no problem w 25-35yd accuracy, though!). I was inspired by a bowhunter after last years salmon fishing trip to Alaska. So, I'm geared up, belong to an archery league, game club, etc.... What I'm wondering is what do you...
  17. Oregon Archery Club websites, Facebook and Youtube links here.

    Post your archery club's website, Facebook and Youtube links here. Cascadian Bowmen, Eugene Oregon. Website Cascadian Bowmen Facebook page, we have pictures of each target on all 4 trails plus pictures of events and event pages...
  18. Predator calling for Black Bear.

    Western Bowhunting Gallery
    I recently bought two calls from Knight and Hale. Their cub in distress and jack rabbit in distress to use on black bear this weekend. I live in western Oregon and am going to try my luck and calling some in. I have seen bears the last two years and love the taste of them so I figured what...
  19. 2011 Bend Bowmen Redding Warm-Up 3D Shoot-----April 30th-May 1st

    NW Shoots
    The Bend Bowmen are holding our annual Redding Warm-Up shoot the weekend of April 30th-May1st. We are going to be at our updated outdoor range off of road 41 past the Inn of the Seventh Mountain. This year, we are going to try and duplicate as many shots as possible from the Redding shoot with...
  20. I am looking for a Hoyt Dorado or Buffalo

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I am looking for a Hoyt Dorado or Buffalo Hello there. I am looking for a Hoyt Dorado or Buffalo. I am looking for 55 to 60 pound limbs and 60 to 62 inches. Camo or Black/Maple, it doesnt really matter. please send pictures of what you have. thank you.