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  1. Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    Question: What do you think is the best wood to use? Answer: Wood choice is determined by several factors including, but not limited to draw weight, performance expectations, backed or self bows. I started my bow building career on the un-backed, all-natural self bow side of the art. For self...
  2. Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    So there you are working on your 7th long bow of your bow building career- an Osage self bow with a cut out shelf in a non-working handle. You're feeling pretty confident this one will be even better than the last. The draw weight is what your customer ordered and its tiller has a short +1/4"...
  3. Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    Being a Sponser and a moderator puts me in a unique position here at I consider myself to be a bowyer first, an instructor second and a salesman way down the list. This forum is about getting folks building, shooting and enjoying bows that they have built for themselves. It...
  4. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    asking ~$700 TYD (CONTUS) for this amazing longbow. Excellent condition 9/10 Surprisingly FAST at my short 27" draw length. Quiet and SUPER SMOOTH. Riser: Oasge and Black Phenolic Limbs: Osage w/ antler tips Text me @ 512-350-7523 with trade offers or if looking to buy. Can send more pics/info...
  5. Traditional Archery
    Hello, I am looking at making a laminate recurve/longbow from some osage and adding some .030 fiberglass accents down the center. I originally planned on cutting 1/8"x1.5x35" inch laminates, but after cutting a small piece and comparing it to the bow shape I want, it's too hard to bend to the...
  6. Traditional Archery
    Hello, This is my first bow and its made from osage wood laminates I cut from a board and unfortunately, there is some grain crossing in the laminates. Layout: .125*2 osage, .040 *2 core-tuff, then .125*2 osage with a purpleheart riser (between core-tuff). I was wondering if I need a backing...
  7. DIY Equipment
    I am planning to build my first selfbow for my daughters.. Never tried ... Anyone willing to ship a couple 60+ inch strait staves to me in Hawaii?? Osage, Hickory, whatever.. Pm me if interested.. I can send a money order..
  8. Traditional Archery
    Here is my 6th bow fresh off the form tonight, 66" tip to tip, 2"long handle, 1" at the fade, 3/4" at midlimb. What ya'll think? Boudreaux
  9. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    FS Osage bow with 9 arrows and buck skin & kwikee quiver. Bow is 61 1/2" long. Arrows are hand made cedar with feather flecthings 3 broad heads and 1 judo point included. $175.00 money orders only
1-9 of 9 Results