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peep problems

  1. Clarifier vs no Clarifier

    General Archery Discussion
    I just just got a clarafier for my peep. And I am getting strange shot placements. Good shots are just landing in random areas, mostly left and rights. I know about 99.99% of the time it is the archer, but could it be some kind of refraction or something? I thought it was awesome when I got...
  2. peep sight problems

    General Archery Discussion
    i am 51 years old and having problems seeing through my peep at deer. not much problem at targets. is there a solution? or am i just getting to old?
  3. Peep sight question Bear Marshall

    Bear Archery Discussion
    The Bear Archery Marshal I have came with a piece of rubber tubing which keeps the sight from rotating when you draw the bow. Since buying the bow this tubbing has broken at least three times, perhaps four. Since the peep sight will not always rotate, or at least will not start rotating...
  4. Unique issue: Bow is shooting low, can you help?

    Bow Tuning
    Hey there ArcheryTalk. I recently shot a 3D event and the guys in my group told me that I wasn't anchoring properly, ie- did not have my draw hand anchored to the side of my jaw. I never really thought about it before, when I draw i get the string to the corner of my mouth and the to the tip...
  5. Anchor Sight... Features and benifits

    Anchor Sight
    The Anchor Sight is produced and assembled in the United States. It is built for the hunter and 3-D tournament competitor with award-winning accuracy and field proven durability and performance. US patent pending. Features: • 1 Inch Diameter Lens <3/4 Inch Low profile as shown above • Background...
  6. Metal D-ring twisting string.

    Bow Tuning
    I have recently re-positioned the peep sight and found my proper anchor point, but after all the adjusting my metal D-ring/loop is twisting the peep-sight (the whole string) and I can't see through it. After every shot, it twists again, even if I loosen it off then tighten it back to the correct...
  7. Peep rotation

    General Archery Discussion
    I just made my first bowstring for my bear anarchy and followed Deezlin's tips for ensuring not to get peep rotation when making a string. After serving the string and getting no rotation when reducing tension from 300lbs to 100lbs I put my string on my bow. I went to install the peep sight and...
  8. Peep picture effects

    General Archery Discussion
    I never consciously focused on peep picture, but have come to realise it is important. Accepting the dot must be in the middle of the peep apperture for the arrow to go in the middle/hit behind the dot, what effect will there be on the target for each of the following: 1) dot low / high in...
  9. mathews monster peep sight problem

    General Archery Discussion
    one of my brothers friends was shooting his mathews monster with us the other day and he was saying that he was having a hard time finding a peep sight or kisser button that would stay on his string because it was just going that fast! anybody else have this problem?
  10. Thinking about a new string...

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Just found this awesome website about a month ago and have been reading a lot of threads and learning a bunch. I've been shooting my 101st Airborne all Summer and things were going really well until a few weeks ago. I had a new Winner's Choice string put on the bow in December. My buddy and I...