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  1. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    (5) Gold Tip kinetic pierce 340’s. Measure 28 & 1/8” from nock groove to end of carbon. 29” from nock groove to the end of outsert. They need new fletchings but the shafts are in good shape. $45 tyd.
  2. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    For Sale! Gold Tip Pierce Platinum's $125 TYD - Via PayPal - Domestic only - No trades
  3. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    One dozen, uncut, new Gold Tip Pierce Tour shafts - 500 spine. No components and no trades. Asking $150 shipped to your door. PM me.
  4. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    13 Gold Tip Pierce Platinum in 300 spine. All are 28.5" from end of outsert to nock valley. 12 have the 20g GT FACT weights in them and are fletched with AAE Max fletchings (355g total weight with no field tip) 1 doesn't have the FACT weight and is 4 fletched with Blazer vanes (334 grain total...
  5. General Archery Discussion
    So, I'm running into a scenario testing out a new arrow combination that I can't wrap my head around. Arrows are Gold Tip Pierce Platinum 250 spine - I'm significantly stiff for my bow based on OT2, but that's never been an issue before. Fletched arrow and a bare shaft - both using the Gold...
  6. General Archery Discussion
    Has anyone out there installed Deep 6 Inserts in the Gold Tip Pierce Platinums? How did it work? Did you have to file or sand down the insert at all? Just squeeze it in? Did you use the Easton chamfer and installation tool? Basically - looking for any tips to make sure things stay square...
  7. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking to buy some Gold Tip Pierce or pierce platinum 300 spine arrows. Let me know what you have. For fastest response please text me at 512-799-7796 Thank you,
  8. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Im going with a stiffer spine arrow and need to offload these ASAP! my loss your gain I have the 120 grain glue in field points and pin nocks all dozen are in great shape and have the spine indexed. there are 3 arrows that will need new vanes other than that they are perfect. the measurement of...
  9. General Archery Discussion
    Considering going back to a good penetration small diameter hunting arrow The two that I have in consideration are the Gold Tip Pierce and the Easton Axis I have used the Easton Axis in the past with good results. But the new gold tip Pierce caught my eye. I have read a few bad things about...
1-9 of 9 Results