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  1. POLL/ELECTION Best recurve limbs under $300 USD

    F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    Lets vote! if u are reading this, vote please! choose the best limbs on the poll.
  2. 3-Finger or 4-Finger Release

    General Archery Discussion
    Just wanted to poll those using hand-held release aids. Do you use a 3-finger or a 4-finger hand-held release and why? Cheers!
  3. 2015 POLL: Best Ever USED Hunting Compound Bow Under $300 Any Brand , Size & Year

    General Archery Discussion
    2015 POLL: Best USED Hunting Compound Bow Under $300 Any Brand , Size & Year TOP 10 Poll - Voting Twice OR More IS OK These are budget bows that are high end performers for a low price, used. For Example In The Guitar World You Can Find Kramer Focus Electric Guitars For $50-$100 & And They...
  4. Poll - how much do you WANT to pay??

    General Archery Discussion
    Just curious after the Mathew's release (and just about every other release) everyone is complaining about cost... so how much are you WILLING to pay for a product you want? obviously everyone wants to pay less, but what is your max??
  5. Outdoor Target Arrow Help

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey I'm looking at new outdoor target arrows. I will be shooting 50m mostly. I have a Hoyt Alpha Elite with 28# and 56 draw back weight. I just want to know what you guys suggest, Thanks
  6. What Broadhead do you use

    Broadhead Discussion
    I'm looking at new broadheads what ones do you use and post pics. I heard good things about grim reaper and nap killzones
  7. Hunting Arrow Poll

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Out of these arrows which one Easton Flatline Easton FMJ Easton Axis Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Gold Tip Hunter Xt Victory VAP's or list your favorite arrow around the same price range (mostly hunting deer and turkeys)
  8. Compound Archery in the Olympics - Yes or No?

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm researching whether there is interest in compound bow events in the Olympics or not. I love to see everything from a simple yes or no to suggestions for events. Thank you for reading and hopefully participating.
  9. PSE EVO or Bowtech Invasion

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Have an Omen Pro at 60lbs. Thinking about getting a smoother bow with a little more let off. Which one and why?
  10. fall away or whisker biscuit

    General Archery Discussion
    what rest is best for hunting
  11. How Do You Season Your Meat? + Venison Seasoning Giveaway

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    We go through tons of preparation/money/time hunting and preparing to hunt deer. What about after the hunt? The best part to me is the eating the meat! Sadly, I haven't found a venison/deer seasoning that didn't taste like a dingle-berry or ruin the flavor of the meat. I started a seafood...
  12. Wounding policies - would you hunt there?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Knowing how jumpy whitetails can be, how many of you would choose an outfitter with a restrictive wounding policy? Restrictive means "Draw blood without recovering the animal (after a diligent search), and the hunt is over and all fees payable." My personal feeling is that wounding policies are...
  13. 2009 Admiral Satisfaction Poll (owners only)

    General Archery Discussion
    2009 BowTech Admiral Owners: There was a poll on tuning problems for this model. The ultimate question is: Are you satisfied enough with your bow to keep it as your primary bow for another season?
  14. Arrows?

    Young Archers Forum
    What arrows Do you all shoot
  15. Your local pro shop may be closing!!!

    General Archery Discussion
    I am just interested to see if pro shops are really even needed anymore. It seems like today's bows are getting more and more user friendly that some day the pro shop might be obsolete. Just post up your usage... it will be interesting to repeat this poll about every other year to see what the...