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popping noise

  1. Strings Popping Out Of Bow

    Arrows & Strings
    I bought a brand new Mathews Mission bow about 3 weeks ago. I had an arrow in my bow and I was in the shooting position. I decided not to shoot, so I was lowering my bow. As I was in the middle of doing so, I heard a slight “bouing” and the strings poppet out of the cams of my bow. Both the...
  2. new bow user and bad taste already

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hello everyone, hoping to get some realistic and honest answers her. Here's my story... Bought a new ready-2-shoot-bow (pse stinger) last oct. After shooting it about 60 times I noticed a popping noise that wasn't resolved by taking it back to the shop 5 times. Sent the bow to pse the first...