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powder coat

  1. Custom Hoyt Carbon Bow - Questions and Recommendations

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey Everyone, So the season is just getting started here in SC and I've noticed my pack is already wearing off large swaths of finish on my Carbon Defiant Turbo (Ridge Reaper camo), which is hella unfortunate. I always fancied the Harvest Brown version but couldn't pass up a deal on this one...
  2. Everything Ultimate Finishers, Inc

    General Archery Discussion
    We proudly became an Archery Talk sponsor a couple months ago and are finally getting around to starting a thread! Thank you to everyone that has trusted us to re-finish your archery equipment and posted pics or recommended us, we truly appreciate it! We know that you work hard and take...
  3. Powder coating

    Canadian Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning to strip my Hoyt's riser and powder coat in target colour. Does anyone work at or can recommend a better place for coating? Peel, Halton, Waterloo or nearby. I will strip the riser myself. Thanks.
  4. Powder Coat or Dipping?

    General Archery Discussion
    I have a 2010 Diamond Black Ice FLX that I was wanting to make black but I am wondering if there is any way get it done with having the In Velvet on the bow! I would like to have it professionally done so it does not chip or look junky! I live in the Kansas City area and would like to get it...
  5. Get Dipped

    General Archery Discussion
    Have any of you AT'ers ever used, or seen work from, Northwest Hydroprint? I've been looking at some of their patterns, and they seem to have quite the selection. Pricing seems to be pretty good too. Just looking around trying to decide what to do with the Outback. As of now I'm looking at...
  6. 28" RH Mathews Apex 7 Powder Coated cam for sale

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Just like the title says, I have a 28" Right Handed Apex 7 cam that is powder coated. I bought a used A7 and this is the cam that was on it. It has marks on the bottom of the cam (tried to get good pics of it, but not much luck) but it in no way affects the way the cam works. I am just...