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  1. Primal Gear Unlimited's CFSB Video.

    Traditional Archery
    I saw this video on a thread up in Gen Archery. I liked the review and found the bow interesting. I thought I'd share the video down here.
  2. Tracking workshops? Anyone been to?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Anyone out there been to one of these tracking workshops/camps? I guess the most famous of them is the Tracker School run by Tom Brown. Tom is pretty well known for being able to stalk deer and touch them without them knowing he is even there. Looks like there is also a primitive skills school...
  3. Hungarian Recurve Bow Newbie

    Traditional Archery
    Well, I'm just getting started here on Archery Talk and I have to say that I am very impressed with this site. Tons of experience and knowledge. So here is what I'm hoping to get some help with. I just received a Hungarian Recurve Bow with a 60# draw at 28 inches as a gift. I have only ever...
  4. my first homemade bow. Hickory self bow.

    DIY Equipment
    I have been working on this since march from a 10" diameter hickory tree using only hand tools. It's not perfect and I know where my mistakes were, but its my first one and it shoots pretty good. It's 70" nock to nock, and about 55 lbs at 28", I will know for sure when I take it down to the...
  5. looking for fellow elb archers for roving marks in rhode island to shoot with us.

    Field Archery Forum
    hi there. a few friends and myself are traditional/ primitive archers. we found that target archery wasnt much to our taste. well personally its because i always viewed the longbow as a weapon. some people buy guns solely for shooting at a target, same goes for bows. the use of the longbow as...