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  1. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Here a blast from the past bow. Its a Hoyt Pro Medalist. The detail should be in the picture. One new string that has been shot 1 dozen. And one new string from the 70's that has not been open.Comes with 22 arrows. most of them needs to be reflected and nock. The vanes and the nocks are include...
  2. Traditional Archery
    Hello all, I am new here and fairly new to archery. The most expierence I have was from my Eagle Scouting days (which were only a few years ago as Im 19 years old) and am trying to get back into it. My grandfather has given me several traditional style bows including a older Hoyt Pro Medalist...
  3. Left Handed Target Bows
    For Sale: LH Hoyt Pro Medalist Compound Bow Metallic Blue and Cream-colored Wood Arms I dont know much about this bow, or bows in general. It wasnt originally mine. The previous owner said it was a competition bow which he used to win several contests. Its beautiful, though i dont know how old...
1-3 of 4 Results