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  1. Looking for a good pro shop

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi, everyone - I'm new to archery & looking to get my first compound bow in quick order. I live in Denver, CO and I'm willing to travel out 25ish miles for a quality shop that will set me up with a bow that fits me & not just try to sell whatever. thanks in advance.
  2. WTB Bowtech Fuel in SE Michigan - Any suggestions who may carry them?

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm interested in replacing the 50-60# Bear Wild I have now with a Bowtech Fuel. I need a 29" draw length, but looking for a more variable draw weight, maybe in the 30-40 range, with room to eventually increase. The Fuel gets much better reviews and ratings than the Infinite Edge, due to...
  3. Fulcrum Archery Information and Reviews

    General Archery Discussion
    I wanted to take a few minutes out of my morning to send a special thank you to Troy Albert and Fulcrum. Troy and his company have been very supportive of me and the archery community in general. I have not seen a more devoted shop and owner in a very long time (with the possible exception of...
  4. Business For Sale

    Everything Else
    Business For Sale – Full service Archery Pro Shop for sale. Great reputation, solid customer base and large inventory of major Bow brands and popular accessories. Completely turnkey - including inventory, range and shop equipment, POS system, supplies and training. Located in Florida...
  5. Last remaining proshop in Southern Maryland

    General Archery Discussion
    Southern Maryland has four bow shops. Three of which I consider pro shops. Fred's Sports, J and J Sports and 3Js. Today we have narrowed down that field to one shop. 3 J's is now the last remaining pro shop in the area with a knowledgable staff and the right equipment to get it done. Fred's...
  6. X-Press PRO Bow Press

    Hunting Bows
    X-Press Bow Press For Sale This wil press ANY bow and ANY crossbow. This is truly the ONLY press you would ever need. Brand new. Still in unopened original box. This press sell for $1199.99 + $137.00 shipping on their website. I am selling this Press for $1030.00 TYD I can accept Credit/Debit...
  7. Props to Tent City for good bow service

    Canadian Forum
    I took my bow for a peep sight installation at Tent City after being told by another pro shop that this will take 30-45 minutes and I'll be charged at their hourly rate for it (fair enough even though I had spent about $800 in a 3 week window at that place) AND that I can shoot without one for a...
  8. Good pro shop in southeast Iowa?

    General Archery Discussion
    Anyone know of a good pro shop in Iowa? So far the only ones I've been to (Salem and Agency) don't seem to have much knowledge/experience with anything traditional. I'm still pretty new to archery and need some help tuning my equipment. One of the places I went and had them put knocks on the...
  9. Vic's In St Joseph Missouri

    Was driving by the shop and working so I couldn't stop, but I did think I noticed on a sign on the door, what words I could see..." Moving".." Leonard street" so Is Vic;s found a new location? Checked their website, no mention....
  10. Advice for opening a new pro shop??

    General Archery Discussion
    I am currently in a bowtech in a large corporation and have three coworkers that are interested in possibly opening our own pro shop. I would like some advice or tips on opening a pro shop. Here a few questions we would like answered if possible. start up cost? shop size? possibly a range...
  11. Help on becoming a retailer

    General Archery Discussion
    I am about to move to a far away land, a land where there is no archery shop or 3D course literally around the island. If I wanted to start my own shop, as well as a 3D course what would I need to do as far as getting set up with the vendors? The need is there, and I am quite surprised that no...
  12. Pro Shop in Juneau area?

    Hey All, Hoping someone can point me to a good pro shop in the Juneau area? Wifey is going up in July to Echo Ranch Bible Camp north of town, and will be helping teach the campers some archery basics while she's there. We've gotten some new arrows and miscellaneous stuff that she can bring up in...
  13. A good experience with Rytera/Martin and Bay Archery

    General Archery Discussion
    I would like to share a good experience incase any of you are looking for a great Bow and or a Great Pro Archery Shop. A friend dry fired my Bran new Alien Nemesis never been fired at that time. Destroyed the top cam, the bow was purchased new but online not in a shop. My buddy wanted to replace...
  14. Your local pro shop may be closing!!!

    General Archery Discussion
    I am just interested to see if pro shops are really even needed anymore. It seems like today's bows are getting more and more user friendly that some day the pro shop might be obsolete. Just post up your usage... it will be interesting to repeat this poll about every other year to see what the...