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  1. Fletching problems with whisker biscuit

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello all, if anyone can help me I would much appreciate it. I have heard of the issues that come along with using the whisker biscuit arrow rest. BUT, have not read anywhere about this one. I just reflected all my arrows yesterday, went out and shot. Went and retrieved arrows to find a...
  2. PSE Momentum Cam Exploderated (2nd time)

    PSE Archery Discussion
    My bow: PSE Momentum, LH, 70#, 31" draw. (truefire release) ****Something has to be flawed in this cam**** Friday, Sept. 18th, 8 days ago now, during my Elk Hunt in here in Arizona (unit 6b) in the first 6 days I had two shots under 20 yds that should be sure thing kills(one at 12 and the...
  3. Delta 6 Creaking Noise?

    Obsession Bow Discussion
    I bought my Delta 6 just a couple days ago. I love the bow! I have just recently in the past two days started hearing a creaking sound when I am pulling through the valley and into the back wall. Has anyone else had this problem? It's real noticible and it seems to be coming from the top cam...
  4. Hoyt Spyder 30 problems

    General Archery Discussion
    Ok, I just got my new Spyder 30 in the mail and notice two things. 1: when I put my drop away rest on, the cord that attaches to the cable will rub on the riser. 2: when my arrow is mounted, my blazer vanes are going to hit the riser on the side (right of the arrow) Any comments or fixes?
  5. Aerotec/limb combinations

    F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    What limbs (non-Hoyt) are others shooting in their old Aerotec risers? I have a Quinn Stallion and shoot 45# limbs and have the opportunity to add an Aerotec to the bow quiver thinking "wouldn't it be cool to be able to swap limbs and share a bow with wife and kids (note: kids may not have...
  6. Problems with Ballistic?

    Mission Archery Discussion
    I just bought a Mission Ballistic last week (received it one week ago today), I shot it MAYBE 150 times. While shooting Sunday evening I heard a slight "pop" while at full draw. I let the bow down easily and checked it out real well and found that the upper left limb was cracked on the...
  7. 2013 Tight Spot Quiver Issue..HELP PLEASE!

    General Archery Discussion
    Has anybody had trouble with the hood rattling after the shot? I have the 2013 model on my Creed, and the hood makes tons of noise after the shot. Even when I tap on it, its rattles. Now once I shove the arrows as far as I can in the hood, tapping it doesnt result in rattling, but it sure makes...
  8. Mathews Z7 limbs cracked

    General Archery Discussion
    Well I'm not dumb and know about the basics and some more advanced things in archery I'm 17 and have shot since I was ten and I sold my switchback to get a new bow (Z7) well I bought one and when I got home the bottom limb is split about 3" down the inside of the limb right down the middle I've...
  9. Martin Saber Takedown Help

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello AT. I am a newbie to archery and after failing to make my own bow back in June, i chose and ordered a 40# Martin Saber takedown bow the other night. It should be here in a couple of weeks. I dont know too much about bows and bought what i could afford. I have read there are a couple of...
  10. QAD Ultra rest problems?

    General Archery Discussion
    I recently installed a QAD Ultra Rest HDX on my PSE Brute X, 27" DL, 62# DW. I've been trying to get everything dialed in but my groups are not as consistent as they were with my whisker biscuit. I'm trying to figure out if I'm the problem or is it my gear?? A guy at my local shop said I might...
  11. Fletching Problem

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm shooting a gold tip expedition hunter arrows fletched with quick spins using the arizona archery products fletching jig and almost every time i shoot i loose a vane. Can anyone help me with this problem?? THX Mitch
  12. String problems

    General Archery Discussion
    I shoot a Redhead Kryptik Pro. Made by Diamond. I like it but it is chewing the serving on my string by the wheel. If you fill the inside of the wheel you can fill that it has ridges in it instead of being smooth. I have a feeling that is what is causing it but am not sure exactly what it is. I...
  13. Horton Vision

    General Archery Discussion
    So, I'm looking at picking up a crossbow. The top two contenders are the Twinbow II and the Horton Vision. I just have one question about the vision that I don't trust sales people or Horton reps to answer (nothing personal but, to a sales rep... every product you ask about is the best and a...
  14. How do you catch a thief?

    General Archery Discussion
    My brother and I have recently found ourselves in a pretty crappy situation. We have hunted a private farm for generations now and just this year, weeks before the season opener, we have found a turd in the punch bowl... A neighbor up the road has made it his mission to put an end to our season...
  15. Bow set!!!!!!

    General Archery Discussion
    :darkbeer:I have been shooting a hoyt 38 ultra for about 6 months now, i was using a "wrist rocket" type release. I am now shooting the hoyt contender elite with a carter target3+ and a scott longhorn(3 finger) backtension and a set of the victory v1 x-ringer's HV. I have 2 months before the IBO...
  16. 2010 Bear Attack Problems

    General Archery Discussion
    Has anyone else had any problems with thier new Attacks. My Shadow series came horribly tuned from the factory. The power cable is way out of tune and the yoke harness is twisting the idler wheel out of alignment. I took it to the range to do some tuning and decided to check the speed. I shoot a...
  17. extreme scope w/lens?

    General Archery Discussion
    Is an extreme archery scope with a 6x extreme lens a good scope for 3D? lens? scope housing? i have the smaller of the 2 housings. :D
  18. Turbohawk Problems

    General Archery Discussion
    Have about 200 shots through my Turbohawk. All was great until last weekend. Suddenly the bow is much louder and the draw is not nearly as smooth. I can't explain it, nothing happened to the bow and it's kept in a case when not being used. Surely needing a tune wouldn"t cause noise and a...
  19. Dog Hunting Problems

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Well I just got off the phone with the county commissioners, and they are asking for suggestions to help with the problem (short of doing away which they won't do). I want to go to a board meeting in a couple of weeks with some good suggestions for them, other than the simplest getting rid of...
  20. Any problems with your 09 X Force

    General Archery Discussion
    My friends brother has had his string come off his X Force GX twice while shooting it. Weird? I am a big fan of the X bows and was wondering if anyone has had a problem like this with there 09 models. I have a 09 Dream Season but have not had time to set it up yet.