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  1. Field Archery Forum
    Hey guys, I'm living in the Poconos now and have started shooting again but I can't find any field shoots less than 2 hours away. Does anyone know of clubs in this area? I'm shooting 3D because that's all there is around here. I sure could use any information on NFAA,PSAA,PFATA clubs or shoots...
  2. Pennsylvania
    PSAA State Indoor championships and NFAA National Indoor championships are unfortunately on the same weekend this year. I have been shooting both for the last few years (my entire archery life) and am very torn on which to attend this year. After hearing about the conflicting dates I spoke to...
  3. Pennsylvania
    Join us for the regional championships at Fox Harbor!! details on the website!
  4. NE Shoots
    join us for the PSAA SE regional championships!!
  5. Pennsylvania
    I recently shot all the PSAA Field/ Hunter? and Animal rounds hosted by my region and the State. I had fun at all the shoots but was concerned that some of the out-of-state shooters were unfamiliar with the rules PSAA uses. Then I shot the PFATA Field/ Hunter/ Animal and realized I much prefer...
  6. NE Shoots
    August 15 & 16 the PSAA has the last state championship of the year the Bowhunter Animal its at Mechanicsburg! Who's going? If you never shot the Psaa animal round you shoot 4 arrows at each target 2 arrows at the longest distance and 1 arrow at the 2 shorter distances. If you never...
  7. NE Shoots
    Who's attending the PSAA state field and hunter at Mechanicsburg this weekend? Anyone that is not a PSAA member can shoot as a guest and get warmed up for NFAA nationals. The courses are in greatshape and ready to go!!!