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  1. Pse evo ntn

    Hunting Bows
    I am selling a new EVO NTN 33. It only has about 10 shots through it. RH, 70# and currently set a 30.5 draw length. Only interested in trading for a PSE Carbon bow... $1250 W/ QAD HDX rest $1050 for bow only
  2. PSE Evo 2012 Mint with Johns Customs Strings and New Bomar Limb Pocket Pins

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    This 2012 PSE Evo Dreamseason is in really great shape. It is set at 29" DL and 70#, with 6" brace height. It is very fast and tuned by the master, John himself. John also put in the Bomar pins when he put the strings on. I will post fresh pictures a bit later today. It has a Black Riser...
  3. PSE Evo Full setup

    Hunting Bows
    I've got for sale a crazy clean bow i cant find a strach on it! next to brand new string and cables, along with the whole setup. Specs are in the picture I belive it's a 2012 model year. Has the rock G5 sight, PSE drop away rest, PSE quiver, and the PSE stabilizer all in skull works camo...
  4. pse evo dream season

    Hunting Bows
    I have a pse evo dream season with vapor trail limb driver rest octane stabilizer and g5 sight. Asking 550 without sight. Would also like to trade towards Mathews chill or creed. Will add cash to make up difference. Evo is mint extremely low round count. Had 50-60 pound limbs. Cant get...
  5. 2011 PSE Evo for sale

    Hunting Bows
    For sale 2011 PSE evo Right hand, black riser camo limbs, 70# I really haven't used this bow very much, it has been more of a backup. In great shape $400 bare I will try to get pics or can email later this afternoon Thanks
  6. 2012 PSE Dream Season Evo 60# Black/Camo

    Hunting Bows
    Up for sale, not trade... 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO, black/camo with new America's Best Strings and cables (8190 String, 452x cables) in red and black. New strings have less than 100 shots in them. Bow is a 9/10 and very well taken care of. I've added a 2013 style string stop and limb bands to...
  7. 2012 PSE Dream Season Evo 60#

    Hunting Bows
    Up for sale, not trade... 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO, black/camo with new America's Best Strings and cables (8190 String, 452x cables) in red and black. New strings have less than 100 shots in them. I bought this bow because I wanted to try something new and now its time to try something again...
  8. WTT PSE Dreamseason Evo for Evo7

    Hunting Bows
    I have a DS Evo id like to trade for a Evo. Would consider selling for right offer but obtaining an Evo7is my number one goal. My Evo has black riser with camo 60# limbs. Would like Evo7 to be same, or all black, or skulls. 60 or 70# limbs are fine. Can text 618-895-4418 or pm here. Thanks!
  9. Brand New 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO RH/60

    Hunting Bows
    Black Riser Camo Limbs. $549.99 TYD
  10. 2012 PSE Evo 7 RH 50-60lbs NINJA Adjustable draw length

    Hunting Bows
    $550 tyd insured. Great condition, not even a rest mark. 1/4" G5 Meta Peep (Blue) Kisser button and D loop included
  11. 2011 Dream Season Evo Skull Works

    Hunting Bows
    2011 Dream Season Evo 450 TYD. Bow will come bare peep and d loop installed with brand new strings and cables flo green and purple. Bow has a few scratches from elk hunting nothing bad.
  12. Pse evo7 pro!!!!!!

    Hunting Bows
    This is a pse evo7 pro. It was built by breathn using an evo7 riser and limbs with omen pro cams and string and cable measurements. With this set up the bow maxes out at 52lbs. The draw length is 28" and can only be changed with cam changes. I do not have any other cams. The ata is 33.5" and the...
  13. Pse evo7 pro!!!!!!

    Hunting Bows
    This bow is right around 3 weeks old. Like finish issues what so ever...I bought it new from breathn thinking I would like it and I don't...My loss your gain on this one. Price is $550 tyd bare bow in the lower 48. USPS MO only. I do not have pay pal. Now let me talk about the bow. It's...
  14. Evo7 PRO!!!!!

    Hunting Bows
    Well I hate to do this but I'm selling my Evo7 PRO....that's right PRO. It's an evo7 with omen pro cams built by breathn! This bow is super clean. The only thing not making it mint is the fact it has been shot. It's all mossy oak break up infinity camo in color. Bow Specs: Ata- 33.5" BH- 6.6"...
  15. Pse evo7 camo/black

    Hunting Bows
    I have an evo7 black riser camo 50-60 pound limbs. Bow and strings are in great shape. Will come with black qad hd rest. Price is $675 tyd in the lower 48. USPS mo only. I do not have PayPal. I will upload pictures tonight.
  16. 2012 pse evo 7 50-60

    Hunting Bows
    PSE Evo 7 open warranty Black Riser Camo Limbs $625 tyd PayPal as gift PayPal buyer pays fee or USPS money order. No trades. Will post pics soon.
  17. 2011 PSE EVO Skulz Skullz Camo 60 $600.00

    Hunting Bows
    Up for sale is a like new 2011 PSE Skulz Camo. Only mark is a small set screw mark, original manual and unworn hat still in the bag. String still smells new as it was shot less than 200 times. The only trades I'm open to are 2011 D340 or D350 or a z7 xtreme. Will post pics later tonight but...
  18. NEW PSE EVO MO Infinity Camo 50-60 $600.00 OBO! Left Handed

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    New in the box PSE EVO Left Handed 50-60. The first good offer takes it. I can not ship until next Monday because of a hunting trip, I do not expect to be paid until I am back from the trip and ready to ship, so if your feedback is good, I will wait for payment until I am around to ship. Not...
  19. The Bomb of Bows! Check out this EVO

    Hunting Bows
    Price is very slightly negotiable, if i do not sell it my 13 year old will have it as a gift. 2011 PSE EVO Black Limbs Skulz Camo Riser 50-60. (Max's out at 63.??) I have the manual box and hat, dvd and stickers. Currently set up with the following: 7 Inch Black Octane Stab 2 months old Value...
  20. 2011 PSE EVO in Rare Infinity Camo Original Box papers etc

    Hunting Bows
    50-60lls, Right hand, adjustable draw like all EVO's 26-30, This bow comes with a 8 Arrow PSE Quiver also in Infinity Camo, and a NAP Quicktune 360 Rest. Like new with original box manual and hat. Like New no joke. Full Setup $800.00, bare bow $700.00 TYD paypal as gift. Send a PM if interested.