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  1. PSE Archery Discussion
    I put my PSE Twin GX cam Frankenbow together tonight. Buss cables on BOTH ENDS! It has a Right Handed bottom GX cam on the bottom and a Left Handed Bottom GX Cam on the top. Both cams have a .010" spacer on the cable guard side and a .110" and a .025" spacer in the arrow shelf side. Both cams...
  2. Western Bowhunting Classifieds
    I am looking to a set of 896 limbs in the #15 deflection(60-70#) for my PSE x-force 7 gx. It was dry fired and now I am nervous that there could be problems with the limbs (current set are 896 in the #11 deflection(50-60#)) and its now my opportunity (with the wife's approval) to get heavier...
1-2 of 2 Results