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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Hi, looking to buy the bowmaster portable bow press. Will it work on my PSE NTN? Thanks
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Hi there, I have an NTN with the PBTS yokes. I could not get the right tear out of it, so I swapped the shims on the top cam, but now the cable is rubbing on the top cam at full draw. Did I do something wrong (as in should I have changed the shims on both cams)? Or is there something I can do...
  3. Hunting Bows
    I have a nice prime logic in excellent condition. 26.5 cam with 65# subalpine limbs and green riser. Love the bow just want to try something different. Interested in many different bows 40-50lb preferred but 50-70 works. 600 (PayPal) for bare bow and I’d be happy to send whatever pics you’d...
  4. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Looking for a good deal on one of these bows, or something similar. 80lbs limbs would be a massive plus! Thanks
  5. General Archery Discussion
    Hello all, Ive been shooting a Bowtech Reign 7 for 3 years now and its time to change. PSE EVO NXT 31 Mathews VXR 31.5 Hoyt?.. Please help me choose!!! (Hunting bow) Thanks!
  6. Hunting Bows
    PSE NTN 70-80lbs. Great shooting bow, just going a different route. Bare bow but will come with brand new quickstand rods. $800 shipped TYD. Price includes shipping and fees
  7. Hunting Bows
    I got this bow used from my brother a year ago and used it all last season. It's a shooter for sure. The good: the bow tunes and shoots perfectly. The evolve cams are second to none and in perfect working order. Brand new cable rod slide and ABB huntline strings and cables. Currently set to...
  8. Hunting Bows
    anyone have one of the older pse brute model 08 09 solid limb they are selling please let me know
  9. Hunting Bows
    New strings and cables, comes with original set as well in good shape. Very good condition, no issues just looking to go either a PSE or something a bit different. Bare bow, $775 tyd open to some trades
  10. Hunting Bows
    We have 10 bows for sale all are in great condition like new and have been stored properly in cases inside. All bows are bare bow and prices are TYD. Please PM if you have any questions. Bow Information: #1- Obsession Hashtag 15-50 lb limbs $200 #2- Obsession Defcon M7Z 70lb limbs...
  11. Target Bows
    70lb 24-31 inch draw New Condition, bought new in march. Reason for selling is to get an Elite. $550 tyd Quiver is included PM me with any more questions Possible trade for Elite
  12. Hunting Bows
    70lb 24-31 inch draw Great condition, bought new in march. Only selling to get an Elite. $550 shipped Quiver comes with bow PM me with any more questions Possible trade for Elite
  13. F.I.T.A. Classified
    Private message to purchase or if you have any questions. New with no defects. There are some white marks above the specs on the limbs -this is from the limbs being installed on a riser and strung for display. Comes with PSE limb sleeves. Pictures available through link below: New PSE ILF...
  14. Hunting Bows
    PSE Decree Ti Dream Season 60#-70# limbs New String and Cables at the beginning of this May. Apache fall away rest Matching Stabilizer Very fast bow $300 OBO Possible trade for a saddle hunting setup or Shikar Climbing sticks
  15. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Hi all! I am looking to buy a bow setup for a guy I’m mentoring as a gift. I’ve taken him bowhunting, and he loves it. He has a rifle for firearms season, but really wants to get into archery. With a few kids and a stay at home spouse, he doesn’t have the funds to buy all the items to get...
  16. General Archery Discussion
    An expensive week, I purchased a couple bows, an EVL EVO 34 and a Mathews v3 31. I know in shops you can be swayed by whoever is showing you the bow. On top of that, very few bows are actually set to the correct poundage, draw, cam timing, ideal rests... etc.. Nothing against pro shops, I just...
  17. General Archery Discussion
    Afternoon guys, I’ve had the EVO EVL 34” in 80lbs for a couple weeks now. A couple concerns that have come to mind now that I’ve been shooting it for a little; these are probably more apparent to those who work on their bow. I figured I’d throw them out there to see what everyone else is...
  18. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Looking for a carbon bow geared towards a woman shooter, 40-50lb draw, 26in DL. Open to other options. Thanks!
  19. Women's and Youth Bows
    Looking for a carbon women's bow either a PSE Stealth Carbon Air (small cams), Bowtech Carbon rose, or comparable setup with adjustable DL, 40-50lbs preferably.
  20. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking for a set of Black PSE Mach 1 limbs. Want either 70lbs or 80lbs. Willing to buy them or I have an 80lb set if Fusion limbs I would trade for black ones. Thank you.
1-20 of 478 Results