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quest primal

  1. G5 Quest Primal G-fade 60-70 lbs $350 obo

    Hunting Bows
    I am selling my quest primal in g-fade. it shoots lights out! it is 60-70lbs set at 28' draw and have mods for 29' draw I am including as well. bow is in immaculate condition! looks new! I am selling barebow but I have a Trophy Ridge Drive i will throw in for the right price! Used only...
  2. 2011 Quest Primal 28" at 60# Gfade Max-1

    Hunting Bows
    2011 Quest Primal with Gfade Max-1. Maxes on scale at 62ish. Also G5 Mag-loc 6 arrow Halo quiver with upper riser and sight mount brackets. $688. Also, for $60 extra I'll sell the Trophy Taker Xtreme top slot rest in black that is currently installed. Know the bow has just revived a new...
  3. Quest Primal

    Target Bows
    2010 Quest Primal, 50-60lb limbs, 27" draw currently. I can change to mods to 27.5" or 28" if needed. Bow has a new string from Extreme Bowstrings with approximately 200 shots on it. The bow is in great shape with minimal wear, 9.8 out of 10. Bow will come G5 peep, loop and speed studs. $350 tyd...
  4. G5 Primal, Indoor 3-D Ready!

    Target Bows
    So here it is folks, a 2010 G5 Quest Primal with 50-60lb limbs. Draw is 28". Included with the bow is Spot-Hogg 5pin small guard Hogg-It sight. Spot-Hogg Infinity rest with 0.10 lizard tongue, 10" Dead Center Archery Stabilizer. Comes with G5 Meta peep and I'll throw in a set of 27" modules as...
  5. 2010 Quest Primal GFade

    Hunting Bows
    Up for sale is a 2010 Quest Primal I purchased new from a forum member last fall. It is 60-70# bow, with a 28.5" DL with approximately 150 shots on the stock string. It has the black to Realtree Gfade. Sold as a package, it will come with a Trophy Taker Smackdown rest, G5 Optix XR sight with...
  6. 2010 Quest Primal 28"/60lb

    Hunting Bows
    I have this listed in the Target bow section but since it was "Designed to Hunt" it might as well be here too. It's the G5 blue and black demo paint scheme but it could be dipped in your favorite camo and put back into hunting service. Plus, you'd still be well under the price of a new one if...
  7. 2010 Quest Primal 28/60, Blue/Black Target Fade Colors ***Relist***

    Target Bows
    I had this posted before before with little response. 2010 G5 Primal, 28" draw, 60# limbs. This makes for a great 3D bow. I've shot 300's in spots and 300's in 3d with this bow. I hate to sell it but I've since acquired another target bow and this one is no longer being shot. Since the last post...
  8. Fixed blade Broadheads

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    [ There has been a lot of talk about the mechanical broad heads as of late, I would like to get some input from other members on their experience with fixed blade broad heads. What do you like and why?
  9. Quest Primal Bow

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    THE FINISH IS JUST THE BEGINNING New Quest Primal Bow features Head Turning custom DuraFuseTM Finish and Show Stopping Performance Memphis, Mich., Quest BowhuntingTM, a division of G5 Outdoors, Introduces the new 2010 Primal Twin Track Cam bow. The new bow features the superior construction...