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  1. Questions of someone new in archery

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi all. New guy here, i have some questions. I am interested in olympic archery. In my club i was told to begin barebow style and then i will upgrade to full olympic when ready. I am not economically flexible enough to buy a good riser so my first will be a kinetic Arios (CNC Machined...
  2. Questions about selling a bow/equipment

    General Archery Discussion
    I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section, but I had a question related to selling that wasn't fully answered by reading the sticky threads in the Classifieds section. I'm relatively new to Archery and purchased my first bow this year, but now I'm exiting the sport and planning to...
  3. Fair Price for 2009 Hoyt Avenger 1000 XT

    Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Selling my 09 Hoyt Avenger XT as I just picked up the 2016 Hoyt Powermax. The bow was extremely taken care of and well maintained. It's 60-70 pound limbs, rotating modular cam adjustment from 27"-29.5" in length. It will come with a Trophy Ridge Firewire 3 pin sight along with either an Octane...
  4. .:Archery Questions for Everybody:.

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys! Kona here! (You can call me Kona or Taylor) I’ve been out hunting since I was 3, owned my first bow at 5, and started bow hunting on my own at 13 when I got my license. I’m now 20 years old and in college and am studying archery culture for an English 102 paper. I was wondering if I...
  5. String Stretch For Trad Bows?

    Traditional Archery
    I got a new hoyt string today for my Hoyt buffalo (medium) and online it said string length is 60 for the medium. When I put the string on it put my brace height to 10 inches and it should be around 7-8. Will the string stretch enough to accomidate my brace height? or did the shop give me the...
  6. Long Compound Bows?

    General Archery Discussion
    Recently I found out that there are or at least were Long Compound Bows. I've had no luck with finding them through online stores and am not sure where to look for them. Do people still use them and what is the difference between the shorter ones and these longer ones?
  7. Very new archery, Just bought my first Recurve and have a couple of questions

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi there, So I recently became quite interested in the ideas of Instinctive Archery. I have only fired a 'rented' bow a hand full of times, but with my level of enjoyment I bit the bullet and bought myself my very first Recurve Bow. A Martin Saber Take Down...
  8. New to compound looking for some advise.

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello and thanks for looking inside. I'm new to compound shooting. But, I have been shooting my Martin Jaguar for a few years now started at 35lb and now at 45lb with a NAP Centerest Flipper RH Arrow Rest, no site. I shoot at my club for the casual summer league and when ever I can get some...
  9. Newbie questions about garage found bow, getting started in archery

    Traditional Archery
    Hello everyone who reads this, my name is Lance, and I live in Maplewood NJ, USA. I found a recurve bow in the garage of the house we bought about 10 years ago, and summarily ignored it. As I am moving to switzerland very soon, I am interested in taking it with me, and joining the archery club...
  10. Vegas Seminar

    General Archery Discussion
    Do you have a question for the pros or want any archery advice and won't be attending the Vegas Shoot? If so, post your question, and if there is time, we will try to ask it at the seminar for you. Then, be sure to watch the video we will post soon after the event for the answer!
  11. What to Buy a Hoyt PRO EDGE ELITE

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Hi, I was wanting to buy a 2014 Hoyt Pro Edge Elite and wondering what people think of them. has anyone had any problems with them yet, and how are they compared to the alpha elite. I have an alpha elite now but I think I should upgrade to the pro edge elite. Thanks, Tyler
  12. Need some info on oneida

    Oneida Archery Discussion
    I've always been interested in owning an oneida, but I've always heard negative things. I'm a barebow shooter so the specs have been appealing So here's the questions- Aren't they loud? are they easy to tune/work on? Press needed? I have a 31" draw. Would that complicate the set up like some...
  13. Archery newcomer with some string questions.

    Traditional Archery
    Someone said I should post this thread here for better answers. So I'm trying it out. I've been told the string is on backwards, but I've already removed it, so no worries about me shooting it that way. Also, how on earth can you tell the string is on wrong? (Like I said, very new to all of...
  14. Complete archery newbie, got some questions

    General Archery Discussion
    Alright, I am a complete newcomer to the world of archery, and there is not a single shop that carries recurve equipment within 100 miles of my town (well, 84 to be exact) I've tried emailing my local archery club and no one has responded. So I've turned to the internet! I recently received a...
  15. Question about bow string

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi does anyone know if AMG TECH 9 BOWSTRING MATHEWS LEGACY 22 STRANDS SINGLE CAM NO ROTATION BOWSTRING will work for any mathews legacy and if it is a very good string? Thanks, Michael
  16. So what can you tell me about X Killers?

    General Archery Discussion
    So i'm thinking about revamping my competition setup. Bowtech Specialist, Limbdriver Micro Elite, and X Killers. I'm a little confused about X Killers. They are a 200 spine while I need a 350 spine and they weigh 9.5 gpi. The 150 gr points and adjustment points confuse me as well. It will be a...
  17. Inherited a Bow. Need Help.

    Traditional Archery
    My Grandpa just gave me a bow that I need to learn about. I don't know what string I should get or what arrows I can shoot. The bow itself is 66 and 1/2 inches and my arm span is 68 and 1/2 inches. The Bow is older because it was his so I don't know how that would affect things. It looks to be...
  18. Injured archer

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Last summer I was in a bicycle accident. Since that accident my draw shoulder has been messed up. While I can use a cable-pull weight system at the gym loaded with 55 lb of weight I'm finding that three pulls on a 50 lb compound and I'm past where I can think about another pull. I lost the last...
  19. quest to build the perfect bow ( frankenbow)

    General Archery Discussion
    hey guys, finally back to work again so i think im gonna take out the old hoyt vtec, and rip it apart to build me a frankenbow. i need help with a few things. as it sits now, i have an 05 vtect at 28 inch draw, 60 pounds. i also have an alphaburner at 75 pounds for hunting. (got 70-80 pound...
  20. Would someone PLEASE tell me what the envelopes mean??

    Community Help
    I've asked before, but I've never gotten an answer. What do the envelopes mean on the different threads? I assume one must mean closed, or something, but I can't tell, and it would be VERY helpful not to have to look through a thread only to find that the bow has been sold. Here's what I've...