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  1. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Got that older Browning bow laying around taking up space? Your significant other threatening to toss it on the front lawn? I'm looking for older (not too old) Browning bows, Rage, Lightning, etc. Also on a budget, so if you have something fitting this category, keep it reasonable. PM or...
  2. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Package of 3 rage 3 blade broadheads. Heads have never been shot only screwed on to arrows and placed in quiver. does NOT come with practice head as one of the "blades" broke but does come with all 3 replacement O-rings included in the package. $30
  3. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Ive been bowhunting for years and killed many deer with deifferent broadheads. However, in todays market im really looking for a dependable, inexpensive, mechanical head (100g), that gets good penetration w a decent size cute diameter. Here is my experience in case you are wondering...
  4. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Looking for some different broadheads to try. Looking for some; Muzzy MX-3 or MX-4 100 grains Rage 2 blades 100grain along with some practice heads. Grim Reapers 100 grain Bullheads 100 grain Always looking for some more fobs also. Pm me as to what you have. Matt
  5. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Looking for some Rage 2-blades. I'll take 1,2, 3, ?... just depends on the price. Let me know what you have. Thanks- SS
  6. Hunting Stories
    Friday Oct. 10 I got to the stand and got situated at approx. 6:20 the sun didn't start rising till about 6:45 but by 6:30 it was light enough to shoot. Well shortly after the sun started shinin through the trees I started hearing deer moving. About 5 minutes had passed then I saw a deer moving...
  7. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 4 new never shot 100gr 3 blade broadheads for sale. Also have 2 practice heads that go with them. I will take $35 via USPS money order shipped tyd.
  8. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    We all see so many threads about people posting negative things about companies. So I wanted to make sure that I posted about the outstanding customer service that I received from Field Logic. Some of you may remember my posting about the problem with the new rage heads. I contacted field...
  9. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Howdy all you fellow bowhunters and rage users. I am an avid user of rage broadheads, you can search my posts and it will verify that. I had a rage broadhead fail in my Rinehart 18/1 target. When I pulled the rage out of the target both blades were off of it, and remained inside of the...
  10. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 5 NEW packs of 3 blade Rage Broadheads. 35.00 ea TYD 150.00 TYD takes all 5 packs. Thanks, Doug
  11. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have several brand new in the pack broadheads for sale. I will start shipping thursday to all who's interested!! All prices include shipping to the lower 48!!! Just walk to the mailbox is all yo have to do!!:wink: I accept paypal to the email in my signature and money orders!! Broadheads are...
  12. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Was going to try machanical this year and would like opinions on the Rage 3 blade or the Tekan II or any other rear deployed blade. Leaning towards the Rage right now.
321-332 of 332 Results